If you love Disneybounding, stick around because you are in the right place. If you haven't heard of Disneybounding? Then you DEFINITELY need to stick around because I'm about to introduce you to your brand new, favorite obsession.

Kelsey Borresen says it best:

For the uninitiated, Disneybounding is a subtler, more fashion-forward way for fans to show their love for Disney. Instead of wearing full-on costumes as cosplayers do, Disneybounders dress up in stylish, everyday outfits (known as Disneybounds) that are simply inspired by a particular character. 

The term Disneybound is accredited to blogger Leslie Kay who runs and she has created an enormous community of people who emulate their favorite characters using everyday streetwear. 

This became 1.) a necessity since Disneyland doesn't allow anyone over the age of 14 to wear a "real costume" (understandable from a liability standpoint) and 2.) a wonderful challenge to see how much of your character's personality you can infuse into your outfit without really "dressing up" like them.

I love a good challenge. And crop tops. And Winnie the Pooh. Obviously, Disneybounding was going to happen this year.

(Side note: props to the Disney photographers for making all the photos they took of us look like they had a honey filter on them.)

There aren't any "real rules" when it comes to Disneybounding but I have a feeling that my Winnie the Pooh ears were a little on the nose. I, in all honesty, wasn't planning on wearing them the entire time (just for a couple pictures) but the second I walked into the theme park with Bevin and saw hundreds of tourists rocking enormous mouse ears covered in sequins I decided that my chubby little cubby ears were definitely not a crime.

The greatest part of this dress-up trend? Plus gals (though drastically underrepresented in the community - more on that later) can participate too! Below I put together seven different Pooh inspired outfits for you to rock at Disneyland, Disneyworld, brunch, on vacation or at the grocery store. In other words, wherever you goddamn want.

Word to the wise: don't miss the plus size Disney resources at the end of this post- you're gonna want them. Trust me.

The outfit I linked to below is the one I wore for my first Disneybounding excursion and it was not only comfortable but so cute that several tourists stopped us to ask if they could take a picture with me. I'm a Leo and live for pictures so I obviously said yes.

The "Jes as Winnie the Pooh" look
Wrap crop-top (goes up to a 4x - I ordered a 4x and could have sized down)

The skirt linked here was the one I brought with me to LA and while it would have worked just fine, the A. A. Milne Gods smiled down on me the day I visited The Plus Bus where they gifted me the perfect mustard skirt from Eloquii to wear instead. The only skirt I could find online that closely resembles the one I wore is this mustard skirt from Forever 21 Plus... BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

While researching yellow plus skirts I also found these babies that not only go up to 5x but come WITH SHORTS attached inside! Your call, but I say go with the skorty-skirts. Chub rub is a bitch.

The "Winnie Goes To Brunch" look

The "Winnie Goes on an Adventure" look
Red cold shoulder tee (< 3x) |  Alt tee option | Honey Pot cross-shoulder bag
Bee necklace | Mustard Maryjane shoes Mid-rise pants (< 30)

The "Winnie is on Summer Vacation" look

The "Winnie is Stylish AF" look

The "Winnie is a Super Babe" look

The "Winnie of Your Rom-Com Dreams" look

In summary? The merry-go-round was surprisingly fat-friendly (the biggest barrier was the height of the horses so if that's an issue for ya, try grabbing a shorter one- there are many), Winnie was darling, Tigger proposed, I consoled Eeyore and then we took a picture of me pretending to eat honey that ended up WAY more seductive than intended.

Now I have to know: if you were to Disneybound, who would you go as? Lemme know below! And/or HAVE you Disneybounded? If so post that shit in the comment section- I can always use more inspiration! 

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