Plus Size Style Icon is a fashion series inspired by kick-ass women we love in pop culture. They may or may not be plus size themselves but GUESS WHAT? You can wear their look no matter your size because plus women deserve to rock whatever goddamn style they want. So rock it. ROCK IT HARD. If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Ms. FrizzlePeggy CarterMiss Fisher (my favorite), Felicity Smoak (the Internet's favorite), Eloise, and Hilda the plus pin-up.

I'm as good at waiting to publish blog posts as I am at waiting to give people their Christmas presents on Christmas.

By which I mean: I'm fucking terrible at it.

I just posted the plus size closet of Felicity Smoak, and if I was a well behaved blogger, I'd wait to publish another Plus Size Style Icon post for a while. But we all know I'm not well behaved, now don't we?

I've loved Beth Ditto since she found me through a magazine spread in 2004 and I fell instantly in hearts with the woman's unapologetic, fierce, fat girl style. How many fucks does she give? Zero. She gives zero fucks. And THAT is my kinda gal.

Beth is the singer for the kick-ass band Gossip and describes herself as a "fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas."  If I could sum up Beth's style in one word, it would be: FEROCIOUS.

And god knows I like ferocious.

She's taught me three things about the world of fashion: the tighter the better. The shinier the better. And the more middle-finger-to-convention the better. And girl, I believe all of it.

I've personally (and purposefully) accumulated a lot of tight, shiny, middle-finger-giving articles of clothing, and so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with where to find alternative edgy fat girl clothes. Two of my favorites that I'm happy to have at my internet fingertips include CandyStrike and Chubby Cartwheels. All hail the Sorry Not Sorry female!

With the help of those two sites and a few others (mmmm lingerie), I found a kajillion Beth Ditto approved (I'm assuming heavily here) fat girl outfits. Yes, these are ALL plus size, and they bring the mesh, bold print, and jumpsuits to YOU. Because every girl (and guy!) deserves access to these sorta things if they want them. Y'know?

1 // Mesh Bodysuit (You couldn't hide an apology in there if you tried)
2 // Black Lyna Strappy Wedges (Unf.)
3 // Liquid Mini Dress (Do me a favor and leave NOTHING to the imagination.)
4 // Sleeveless Diamond Print Dress (Bold prints for bold ladies.)
5 // Elf Liquid Eyeliner ($1 and I use it every day.)
6 // Flamingo Cat Eye Sunglasses (Hardcore.)
7 // Lace Corset in Plus Size (I'd wear this everywhere, no pasties needed.)
8 // Leather Eye Earrings (These rock my world.)
9 // Silver Glitter Dress (Shine, bitch. Shine.)
10 // Flying Burger People Eater Platforms (WTF, yes.)
11 // Silver Party Dress (ala her Marilyn Monroe dress. BTW, they do custom sizing for everything so it fits you.)
12 // Leopard Hot Pants (Own at least one pair of hot pants, I'm begging you.)
13 // Black Sequined Unicorn Heels (THESE ARE REAL.)
14 // Striped Jumpsuit (in 3x!!!)
15 // "Shark Bite" Sequin Dress (Cut outs and sequins.)
16 // Red Flame Heels (I'm not 100% sure, but I think that if you wear these, you instantly become a rock star.)
17 // Leopard Print Body Con Dress (Available in 2x and 3x! Oh yeah, and it's $20.)
18 // See-through Lace Crop Top (Beyond sexy.)
19 // Silver and Black Circus Skirt (Metallic and stripes FTW.)
20 // Falsies to End All Falsies (Don't do normal.)

And if for some reason, you're not familiar with Gossip, here's a personal fav:

Want that gold lipstick? You can have it for $6. Oh, and listen to Dime Store Diamond AND Your Mangled Heart while you're here. DO ITTTTTTT.

Want more random Plus-Size Style Icon posts? Try: Hilda the Pin-Up, Eloise, and Felicity Smoak from Arrow.

So tell me: who is your style icon? Who's closet would you shop in a heartbeat, OR who's closet resembles yours?

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