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I was a PBS kid through and through and the only thing I loved more than Mr. McFeely delivering VHS tapes about crayon factories was Ms. Frizzle yelling "Wahahahooo!" while wearing the most amazing dresses to ever grace television.

Oh, you TOO?!?! I'm not surprised.

Well, fellow fans, I'm not sure if you're aware... but there are FOUR seasons of The Magic School Bus on Netflix right now and if you're anything like me, those episodes are playing in the background while you work because there is NOTHING better than having your fav childhood show enhance life while you're busy adulting.

Ms. Frizzle understands better than anyone else that a bangin' outfit consists of three things: a themed dress covered in an overwhelming pattern, earrings you couldn't ignore if you tried and shoes that pull it all together. If you have a thermometer or food themed necklace... well, then you're just the kind of overachiever she would love. 

Storm cloud earrings (They glow under a black light!)
Thermometer necklace (Yes, it totally works.)

"Painted" desert dress (for the Arizona field trip y'all need to come visit me on!)

The ultimate science dress (Your IQ increases every time you wear it!*)
*No, not really.

Unicorn dress (now THAT is a field trip I want to go on!)
Winged pink heels with hearts (OMFG these heels)

Vegetable gardening dress (God bless Phoebe and all her plant mayhem)

Other odds and ends you may or may not need in your life:

 Cicadia earrings (I have 1000 real ones in my front yard right now)
Thermometer earrings
Another amazing galaxy dress (comes in all sizes)
School bus wristlet
CRYSTAL SET (grow 'em yourself!)
Liz (for every outfit of course!)

Buzzfeed made a comprehensive list of The Frizz's brilliance called "The Definitive Ranking of Ms. Frizzles Outfits" which should probably be required reading after all the killer ensembles I've gathered for you. God bless you Ms. Frizzle and the amazing shit you found while working on a teacher's salary.

Now, it's your turn to suggest the next style icon in this series! Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds has been suggested and I'm diggin' the idea of compiling a post of outfits inspired by Gabourey Sidibe as Becky from Empire.

What are your requests? Lay 'em on me.

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