Plus Size Style Icon is a fashion series inspired by kick-ass women we love in pop culture. They may or may not be plus size themselves but GUESS WHAT? You can wear their look no matter your size because plus women can rock whatever goddamn style they want. So rock it. ROCK IT HARD. If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Ms. FrizzlePeggy CarterBeth DittoFelicity Smoak (the Internet's favorite), Eloise, and Hilda the plus pin-up (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

In my perfect world, we would all get together on Google Hangouts with martinis (or cocoa if you prefer) and we would watch each episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries one by one until we ran out of episodes to watch. We would then write the producers Hurryupmakemorepleasekthx letters and then begin the marathon all over again.

Is this a thing we can do? I'm doing it already... just without y'all. I'd like it so much better if you were here.

Whatever we decide, I'm officially in love with Miss Phryne Fisher: the classiest woman detective to never live. She's a "modern woman" as they like to say with a cool head (and outrageously hot style) who solves murders by day and unapologetically takes in boudoir lovers at night. This woman has and does it all. Sigh.

I initially tried to resist Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. It looked hokey and a little too.. British murder mysteryish for my taste. Its certainly none of that and if you invest a few episodes, you too will find yourself in love with this woman who does not, but should, exist. Tl;dr: IF YOU WATCH THIS SHOW YOU WILL GET HOOKED. HARD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Miss Fisher is certainly not plus-size herself, but I WANTED her style so I set out to hunt it down on the internet... with very low expectations. After all, I've always assumed that 1920s fashion was unattainable for the plus lady. Dear lord I was WRONG. So, so, SO wrong and happily so. I couldn't believe my eyes as I scrolled through pages and pages of dresses, wraps, shoes, and accessories made for all sizes... including fat girls.


And so, dear readers, because I love you (and because I couldn't help myself) I've compiled INCREDIBLE outfits for you all inspired by Phryne herself. The clothing comes in a variety of sizes, but they're all available in plus sizes and some even go all the way up to 5x- which, for fast fashion is a feat! A flapper dress for you! And a flapper dress for you! A flapper dress for everyone!

I'm giddy knowing that there are so many fucking incredible 1920 clothing options for all sizes. It's honest to god, a dream come true for this fat girl. But know this- you're on your own to find a mother of pearl encrusted pistol. I'm not going to do all of the work here.

Beaded drop dress: Thank god we live in a word where this now comes in plus-size, amiright?
Plus garter and stockings: Where else is your knife going to go?
Drop earrings: The classic Phryne pair.
Lace evening shoes: Delicate and fierce. Miss Fisher in a nutshell.

Floor length gown: Holy shitballs. That's all I can think to say about this dress. 
Faux Fur Stole: Faux fur, don't worry. Also available in black.
Draped headpiece: Rather reminiscent of Phryne's in the top photo, don't you think? It's also $7, so there's that.
Silver shoes: Gawd these are gorgeous. And a perfect match for the Holy Shitballs Dress.

Black and red lace dress: Which comes in all sizes up to 4x!
Red velvet heels: These look ridiculously comfortable and are outrageously babely. Nothing better than that.
Plus sized gloves: Fat girls know they need specially sized gloves. Hips and Curves has you covered.
Lace shawl: I aspire to wear a shawl like Miss Fisher wears a shawl. New life goals.

Black fringe dress: It's cut in classic flapper style, which means it's impossible to go wrong with.
Black pumps:  Unf. These.
Earrings: Art Nouveau all day every day.

Sheer kimono inspired jacket: From Torrid and gorgeous.
Blouse: Simple and stylish
Pants: Or, trousers if you'd rather. They're "customizable" and sizes include up to 5x!
Cloche hat: A vibrant blue to match your...
Blue heels!: I can't get enough of this color. 

Two toned heels: I feel like you're required to dance if you wear these. I'm not entirely sure why.
Beaded shift dress: A vintage inspired piece for all you "modern women" wink wink.
Black wool cloche: For all-the-time wear
Drop earrings: The vintage pair to end all vintage pairs.

White lace dress: Please wear this while driving your motorcar so the scarf can blow behind you. Please. (Alt option)
Summer cloche hat: I didn't think I could love cloche hats more until I saw this asymmetrical one.
Sunglasses: The round ones were stylish long before John Lennon. These are also $6.
Tan T-strap heels: I just can't get enough of 1920s heels. Can't. Won't.

And, of course, a few bits and bobs that don't fit together anywhere else, but must be included in this list:

Black lace dress: This reminds me of the one pictured up top.
Black maxi dress: Comfortable and and 1920's stylish. Also up to size 5x.
Gold and silver dress: Coming soon. You can sign up to have them email you when it's available.
Simple black dress: Made for accessories of course! 
MAC Ruby Woo lipstick: The best red out there.
Front facing red hat: She wears one. Maybe even this one (probably not, but it's gorgeous anyways).

If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Beth DittoFelicity Smoak (everyone's favorite), Eloise, and Hilda the plus pin-up.

A few important notes: for an inspiring look into more plus 1920s fashion, visit Vintage Dancer- her site is amazing, authentic, and oogle worthy. For more 1920 shoe porn click here. For a plus-size Pinterest board to keep you happy, click here. Just cheerful reminders that life is good, fashion is becoming more accessible and whether you're going to dress up for Halloween, are attending a fancy event, or prefer the 20s for everyday wear... you can totally dress like Miss Fisher.

Life. Is. Good.

Are you a Miss Fisher fan? I'm also of course in love with Dot. Perhaps a Dot post as well in the future? But most importantly, Miss Fisher Fans... WHAT AM I TO WATCH WHEN I FINISH THESE EPISODES?

I need your recommendations. 
And quick... I'm running dangerously low.

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