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Sunday, October 19, 2014


I forget how much I love fashion until the weather starts to turn.

It cools off, and I find myself in a store suddenly thinking about clothing as a statement and not something I have to try to keep on order to survive the desert heat. Wearing clothes during an Arizona summer is something we do for no other reason than evading public nudity charges. Yes, it gets that unbearable.

BUT NOW IT'S FUCKING FALL! And all I want to do is dream about boots, fishnets, and miniskirts all day long!

But dreaming is only part of the fun. The other half is collecting my favorite plus-size pieces and sharing them with you! I want you to have the option to represent like a BAMF this fall too. I've put together the top 10 things I'm going to be rockin' within the next few months, and spoiler: they're sexy and affordable. Like $.79-$80 affordable. Yes, seventy nine cents. So you're welcome in advance, ladies of the internets.


1 // Hands down my favorite skirt of all time. I thrifted it once upon a time and after it lived it's long life, I found it online through Forever 21. Here's the beautiful part: it's $10. I have three and will reorder more after these die of old age. I wear them daily. Pro tip? Size up. 

2 // Do you know about Kix'ies? They're kind of marvelous: the best thigh-highs for plus legs in the world. Their genius technology ensures that they never slip or roll. I'm serious. These are life changing so check them out. The Lois style is $22... and they last a long ass time.

3 // Cloche hats are a fall treat for me. I prefer the style above all other hats, with the exception of berets. This one can be purchased through e4hats for $39.

4 //These are my fucking FAVORITE BOOTS OMG. ModCloth is sending them my way (which means I'm stalking my postman) so I'm stoked. They're the perfect amount of bad-ass and sexy. Boots, mini skirts and fishnets are daily wear in the fall for me, so these were a no-brainer to complete my look. $80 and they look pretty damn durable. If you missed the wide calf boots post, it's here.

5 // If you're not wearing tights under your fishnets, you're doing it wrong. Target has plus tights in lots of colors for $5. Get up on that.

6 // I rock the liquid cat eyes year round, but for some reason fall brings out the more dramatic wings. I love Elf liquid eyeliner because: it's a dollar. A dollar.

7 // Teggings are a magical creation by Rachel of Re-Dress and they're this fantastic hybrid of... tights and leggings. Duh. Here's why I love them: they're fantastically comfortable (more than leggings AND they fit up to 4x) and warmer than tights. I use them as dance pants as well. Get yrself some stat.

8 // Imma pea coat girl through and through. The left is from Macys and is on "sale" for $80, and I also found you a version that goes up to 4x at Old Navy ($78). Want a less expensive version? Here's a $30 steal.

9 // Rockabilly styled head scarves and I have been having a love affair for a decade. The cooler weather encourages me to adorn my head, and this option is the go-to. The red scarf is an Etsy creation, and you can also find basic black bandannas for 79 cents here. Rock the vintage girl gang look hard this fall. That's my recommendation.

I mentioned earlier that if you're not layering tights underneath your fishnets, you're doing it wrong and I stand by that. While I was in NY last year, it's all I did... and it held up pretty well against November weather. If you want AMAZING fence fishnets (the bigger pattern) you can order from the Hips and Curves website. If you haven't perused their website yet, you can just cancel your plans for the rest of the day right now. If you click this link, you're gonna be busy for a long time. FYI, they sell the sexiest panties I've ever seen.

Those are my choices. Do YOU have fall go-tos? What are they?
We'll all love you a little extra if you leave a link pr picture in the comments.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


If you didn't see the colorful updates from my trip to NYC last month, I'll clue you in to what you missed: there's a kick ass campaign going on thanks to ModCloth and you're invited to join. 

You're invited to join, and I would enthusiastically recommend that you do! Here's why: the biggest challenge we have when looking at media and fashion representation is the lack of diversity. We don't need to "get rid" of the model figure in this silly world of ours! We just need to balance it with bodies that represent what we also see in real life. You, me, her, him, them... all of us.

ModCloth is on it, and they want your help.

Susan (the founder) signed the Truth in Advertising Act, promising to be the first fashion company to refuse to digitally alter bodies in their ads. She's also expressed her dedication to showing plus sizes right along side straight sizes which I think is damn near essential if we're gonna see long term change. These are notably radical steps for an online retailer, but they didn't stop there.

They also hosted a pop-up photo shoot and encouraged everyone to have their picture taken with the potential of sharing on their site and social media. Literally- anyone off the street could represent. And many did!

It doesn't end with the event though, and today you can participate in this diversity call. You can flaunt what you've got AND just by posting a picture with the hashtag #FashionTruth, you'll be entered into a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate. That's a bad ass dress and some cat tights, y'all. What more do you need to get photo snappin'?

Nothing? Good.

It's the last day to participate in this inclusive selfie bash. This is it, and I'm going to encourage you to join in. Snap a picture of you and hashtag it #FashionTruth on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. You get bonus points if you share what your fashion truth is. Mine? That all bodies deserve the spotlight. You can learn more about the movement here.

1.) THIS FACE DRESS. It hugged my boobs (like only my boyfriend should) 
AND had pockets which made it an official favorite. 
2.) Evie's brand new tattoo was ridiculous. 
My second favorite body love tattoo, right after this magnificent thunder thigh
3.) My #FashionTruth is that all bodies deserve the spotlight. 
4.) So many powerful connections at one event! I loved them alllllllll. 
5.) Susan, the brains and beauty that moved an entire company towards photo honesty.
 6.) Because we couldn't resist.

Not pictured: the CICADA earrings that continue to get compliments even today. 
They're a head turner, that's for goddamn sure.

I found you one lonely MLP shirt here. Someone please give it a home.)

If you participate, you'll also have the chance of being chosen as a Fashion Truth spotlight. October's choice was Emily who is a photographer and apparently already knows that the secret to happiness includes wearing mustard yellow. Though it's not a secret anymore.

Join in. Add to the representation. BE the change you want to see. Oh, and win a goddamn dress while you're there revolutionizing the world, whydoncha?

Tell me: what's your fashion truth?
Seriously. I want to know.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Well it's about time we had a giveaway on The Militant Baker, amiright?

I was inspired to do this giveaway as I was laying in bed, reading SparkleFat.  All I could think between each page turn was "WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T EVERY PERSON KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK?!?" It's a legit question, but instead of posing it on the social medias, I thought I would just gift you the actual book here. Action oriented, y'all. I'm action oriented.

SparkleFat is a beautifully written book of poetry by Melissa May that, as the ever eloquent Rachel Wiley says- "is a firework display of un-shame.
Melissa May’s work celebrates all of the things we have been so long told deserved no streamers. This collection invites every fat body out to the dance and steams up the windows in the backseat of the car afterwards by kissing the spots we thought (or even hoped) no one noticed but are deserving of love just the same as our mouths.”
This book changed me. And if you haven't followed Rachel Wiley (poet behind 10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy) you should. She has a book of poetry coming out soon called Fat Girl Finishing School and it's JUST as incredible.

The other three titles are game changers for me as well. Hot and Heavy is edited and compiled by one of my favorite humans on the entire planet: Virgie Tovar. It's diverse, honest, and liberating. SO liberating. I shove it in every woman's hand when they ask for a recommendation.

Full Frontal Feminism
was also influential. I read it right after Cunt (my all time favorite book!) and it really shifted the way I viewed our culture's acceptance of rape. This was a really hard realization and I had to put the book down for a long while, but it was oh so necessary. Now, I'll be real; this book is written with an extremely authoritative voice which may rub some the wrong way, but the concepts make it an important read.

And finally, Your Pleasure Map written by Shanna Katz. She was a speaker at the last Body Love Conference, and this girl is a kink goddess. This particular book is a gentle entry into the world of the kind of sex you always wanted to but had questions about. This book will answer all the questions AND give you recommended reading if you want more.

These are killer reads, y'all and I really want you to have them.

You don't need to follow anyone, or like anything to enter... I just want you to enter by leaving your email in the Rafflecopter box so I can contact you. That's it. Easy, right?

(If you were one of the 15 that found the un-published link, make sure you enter again!)

If you'd like the books no matter what, you can find them here: 

And if you're wanting to have more of these people in your life, you can follow:
Words Dance Publishing // Lose Hate Not Weight // Jessica Valenti // Shana Katz

If you want my general body positive recommendations, read the old post: Body Positive Book Club for One. They're still solid suggestions. And would you read Cunt if you haven't already? I wrote a review of it on Something Sweet and jesus god it's a must.

I'll email the winner after the giveaway ends.
Good luck!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We'd like that too!

We're taking submissions (any one can apply!) from now until October 22nd! Some of the topics we're interested in hearing about include:


Don’t see your specialty in this list? Send us a proposal anyway! Our unique collaborations will make this the most innovative and progressive event of its kind!

You can read more details and submit your proposal HERE!

FUCK YEAH BODY LOVE! Can't wait for new speakers to join in on all the fun!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I always get goosebumpy when people talk about how much they love their bodies on a public forum, because that shit just takes guts. This #GlorifyHappiness campaign made me goosebumpy hundreds and hundreds of times. You guys and your bravery. Your eloquence. Your fucking awesome bodies. So glad you're here.

I couldn't collect every single picture that participated, though I gave it an honest shot. I managed to save at least half of what I could find, but if you don't see your gorgeous self above, feel free to leave your image in the comments below. I'd love to see them again.

If you're ever having a bad body day and need a pick me up, I would highly recommend visiting some of these inspirational pictures. You can find a bunch of them on:
(there are a million in this thread and this thread too)

I loved every single reason that you loved your body; from it creating life, to letting you run, to housing your power, to turning your partner on... they were all so excellent.

Thanks for sharing. And lets keep this going, shall we? Every time you're feeling like hot shit (or maybe you're not but you want to feel like hot shit) throw up a picture of that magnificent body of yours and hashtag it #GlorifyHappiness. We'll keep on showing the world that each person deserves self love, acceptance and happiness.

Keep on being kick ass, y'all.
It apparently comes naturally to you.


Monday, September 29, 2014


People often ask me if by promoting body love, I'm glorifying obesity.

To that I say: If you're really concerned about health, you'll ignore the largely irrelevant factor of weight and focus on more significant issues like: making sure families can afford nutritious food and have access to education that allows them to provide. You'll also focus on providing un-biased healthcare and you'll help de-stigmatize mental illness so people aren't afraid to ask for help and can lead mentally healthy lives which then allows physically healthy lives.

But regardless of health: I believe in glorifying all bodies. All of them. Because every single person in the entire world deserves to feel good about and love themselves. It's that simple. Fat and thin; healthy and unhealthy. Everyone deserves happiness and when people start to embrace themselves just as they are, the world as we know it will transform into a happy, balanced, healthier (physically and mentally), and more beautiful place.

So y'know what I glorify?

I glorify HAPPINESS.

Simply put: glorifying happiness = being invested in the belief that everyone deserves to love their body.

It seems like such a elementary concept, yet somehow it's one of the world's most controversial. So what about you? Do you believe that every person deserves a chance to love their body? Do you believe that every person deserves a chance to be happy no matter their size or shape?


And after we become friends, I'm going to point out that I just tricked you into saying that YOU deserve to love YOUR body no matter what it looks like. ZING. I gotcha. You're part of everyone, my love, and if I deserve to love my body, and she deserves to love her body, and he deserves to love his body and they deserve to love their bodies... then that means that you deserve to love your body too. No matter the shape, size, shade, sex or age, YOU deserve to be glorified. You deserve that happiness too.

So do me a favor: capture your glory with me and these other bad-ass body lovers by joining in on the #GlorifyHappiness campaign...

 The radical Meghan Tonjes and beautiful Jen of Plus Size Mommy Memoirs.
The outrageously fa(t)bulous Virgie Tovar.

Here whatcha do to get in on the fun:

1.) Take a happy, full-body* picture. It could be one you already have or a new one if you're feeling extra sexy today!

*Yes, full-body. Why? Because It doesn't allow us to hide our perceived flaws. Because it's unapologetic. Because it says "Hell yeah I believe in loving this body!" Because for some, it will be the first step towards accepting themselves and for others it will be a visual proclamation of how far they've come.

2.) Post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the awesome hashtag #GlorifyHappiness and one reason why you love your body. 

We've established that every body deserves to be glorified, right? Well, your body is included in that, so GLORIFY IT!!! Tell us why its amazing! Tell us why it makes you happy! It can be ANYTHING. This is not a trick question and there is no wrong answer.

Can't think of anything you love about your body? Then tell us something amazing that your body has done. Something small, something big. I want you to say it out loud because I wanna hear it!

3.) Bonus points: Invite others by also posting "Join in by posting a full-body picture with the hashtag #GlorifyHappiness and one reason you love your body!"

I'm going to be collecting pictures throughout the day and posting some of them on The Militant Baker's Facebook and Instagram, so if you wanna be seen while glorifying that happy body, GET THOSE HASHTAGS GOIN'!

So why do I love MY body?

I love my body because it's both strong and soft. I love my body because it's got a pair of rockin' tits attached to it. I love my body because it's covered in pictures. I love my body because it's the only one I have, and only I have it. I love my body because it stands out in a crowd. I love my body because it gives me multiple (like, multiple, multiple, multiple) orgasms. I love my body because it does phenomenal high kicks in dance class. I love my body because it carries me through this amazing world.

I also love my body because loving it is the best kind of rebellion. I love my body because I have chosen to step OUT of the social construct I was born into; I love my body because our culture's values are not my values. I love my body because it is my love that matters most.  I love my body because I deserve a life filled with success, purpose and passion that is completely void of self-loathing. I love my body because I have decided to. And I love my body because it gives others permission to do the same.

Everyone deserves to love themselves, y'all. 
It's simple and nonnegotiable. 
All bodies. All people.

And THAT is why we glorify happiness.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


My friend Ondrea emailed me the other day asking where she could find some awesome boots made for bigger calves. Because the thrift gods had blessed me with my last pair years ago, I had no fucking clue where to look. Luckily for me, the internet is a thing, and I was able to quickly pull up a few of my favorites to share with both of you.

I'm definitely a cowboy boot kinda gal. Here, it's common to see vintage dresses and old boots all over our downtown area. But while Arizona has boots aplenty, most are not able to travel this way to find the perfect fit so I've collected my three online favorites (the prickly pear boots below OMG) as well as other bad-ass styles that I would rock as well:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

God I love my shit-kicker boots. BUT, if that just ain't your style, I have more resources for you to check out.

I would highly recommend you head to GarnerStyle and watch her video on how to find the right fit as well as her super solid list of the best boots this season. I would also read Marie's post at The Curvy Fashionista where she lists the 9 best places to find wide calf boots. She mentions JustFab which I love for offering a sweet selection without forcing us to decide if we would rather buy boots or pay rent. WE CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Have you had any great experiences purchasing boots online? Where would you recommend or NOT recommend? And if you had pictures of said boots... well, that would be an awesome bonus for us all.

Share away!

Monday, September 15, 2014


"A remind you that life might sting, 
but good lord, it is so beautiful."

Said the inside of the card with a beautiful drawing of just that.

I was driving home today, running an assortment of to-dos through my head. I've been more than overwhelmed lately with the amount of work to be done: house gutting and rearranging, stacks of bills waiting for my attention (I'm good at ignoring them), surprise hairballs and fleas from the roommates, needed organization galore and the delicate process of breaking up with a long time employer and making sure it goes as smoothly as possible. All that (and more) was weighing heavily on my mind when I walked up to my door and saw the package.

I tried to determine if it was that awesome essential oil diffuser I ordered, but it was way too fucking heavy to be that. I opened it, unsure of what I would find, and when I realized what I was looking at... I teared up hardcore. The heavy was gone.

You probably know Amanda Trusty. She's that kick ass burlesque dancer who's "Roar" video went viral and inspired millions of people to peel off society's labels and live/dance like they didn't give a fuck. I just re-watched it and got goosebumps. (And started crying. I'm really emotional today turns out, which I 100% contribute to staying up past my bedtime because I'm mildly addicted (<-- lie. I'm beyond  addicted) to Blacklist. But anyways.)

The box was full of thoughtfully selected gifts from her current home in Hawaii and I don't know how she knew just what to send but there was coffee and banana pancake mix y'all. BANANA PANCAKE MIX. Jesus christ, she's good.

Beyond the goodies, there was an envelope with a beautifully typed list: "14 Reasons Why You Are Fucking Awesome." The list included some of my favorite things penned about me maybe ever, and here are a few favorites:

( "14 Reasons Why You Are Fucking Awesome.")
 1.) You are so knowledgeable about psychology that your body advocacy will forever be different than everyone else's. Incorporating mental health education into your mission is what makes it so positive and inspiring.
7.) Your brilliant hashtags 
10.) Your emotional honesty in your writing. You never lead us to believe that you have it right or perfect. You always take us along for the ride. Thank God. This is why you matter so much, We know we can always fund a relatable story in your archives.
14.) Your courage. Your perseverance. Your balls. Your ferocity. Your strength. Your aura. Your stance. Your fucking passion. All the passion. You've got all the passion. Never forget it. Never ever ever ever. Your passion is your best asset. It will take you places in this world and allow you to change things that you never thought were changable. And you have an army of passionate women here to back you up whenever you call us in. Never, ever, ever forget that,
It was reading through these that made me stop and realize: HOLY SHIT THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. This is what the body love community stands for. This is how it's supposed to work.

I came across an amazing image on Instagram that I just re-posted out of "YES THIS" that says "Her success is not your failure." The sentiment is exactly my experience with every body advocate I've ever met. And this, dear friends, is a beautiful and rare thing.

We live in a competitive world that constantly tells us that someone else's win is our loss, and guess what? Ain't true. I've watched teams and communities grow stronger and more successful when they bask in other's achievements. This basking doesn't mean that the others are falling behind, but rather, it means they recognize the power of collective happiness.

While sun bathing with the indescribably wonderful Virgie Tovar in San Jose, she shared her mission in life: to rid our society of its diet culture habits and to help others be successful in doing the same. Not just to kick ass at something, but to hand off her knowledge to others as well. It was so refreshing, and this isn't an isolated incident. The speakers from the Body Love Conference have a secret Facebook group simply to connect, support, and build one another up. I remember being so touched when the magnificent Sonya Renee took the time to make a lengthy phone call and give advice on how to make advocacy a full time job. There was an email from Marilyn Wann with an opportunity to die for. Volunteers are practically tripping over each other (not really,but I like the visual) to donate time to the conference because they believe in the cause. When I reach out to any activist, I'm greeted by a friendly YES to whatever I'm looking for. Every time.

THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. This is what the body love community stands for. This is how it's supposed to work.

Did I mention it's rare? It's a lovely thing, seeing people relish in other successes. And I think the reason for this community's undying support of each other lies in the fact that every single one of us believes in empowerment. Positivity. Love. GOD I want to see every person adopt this mindset, y'know?

Amanda also sent that deliciously chubby hula doll pictured above with this message:

I adore her so.

I remember her offering to send something after a particularly rough week of mine, and her act of incredible kindness was just the kick start I needed to refocus my intentions to be even more generous with my support. I remember reading a book when I was a kid called "Random Acts of Kindness," and it's message has stuck with me all these years. The goddawful cover design has also stuck with me, but that's another conversation all together.

So I'm going to do more of this kindness/support/empowermentofothers thing. And I think you should join me.

It could look like anything. A casual compliment. A surprise gift. A postcard to remind someone that they're fucking awesome. A congratulations on a success. An empathetic "Hope things look up" comment when things go wrong. A "Fuck the haters" when necessary.

A smile.

I wanna see the world re-frame their view of this whole competition thing; we don't have to hate to win. I wanna see us all mirror the body positive world. And I'll vouch: it's such a great fucking world to live in.

So thanks Amanda. For the chocolate covered coffee beans and the reminder that there certainly is beauty in the world.

Monday, September 8, 2014


“As long as my insurance and tax dollars continue to pay for there [sic] diabetes, and heart disease, I’ll continue to feel justified in telling every overweight person I see that they need to lose weight.  Shame is powerful and their [sic] fat is costing me real money”
So I read when I broke the cardinal rule of being fat on the internet and read the comments.

First of all, when someone brings this up I typically demand to see their list of things that their tax dollars pay for, broken down into things that they want to pay for and things that they don’t, and the interventions in which they are participating for each of the things they don’t want to pay for.  Nobody has ever produced such a list – I think that’s because this really doesn’t have anything to do with their tax dollars, it’s simply a convenient way to couch their size bigotry.

This argument is based on shaky claims that fat people are unhealthy and going to cost more money than thin people in healthcare.   I’m going to look at this two ways.  First the reality, and then as if those assumptions were true:


Independent research has shown that the cost claims about fat people’s healthcare are seriously overblown (thanks to a world where people can say almost anything about fat people and it will be believed.)   The truth is, you cannot tell how healthy a person is by looking at them, you can only tell what size they are.  There is no such thing as a healthy weight.  Health is complicated, multidimensional, and not entirely within our control.  People make all kinds of choices that don’t prioritize their health, they are allowed to make those choices, and you can’t tell based on their size.

Also, research from Columbia has shown that shame and stigma can have negative affects on our health, so it’s possible that if their tax dollars are paying for fat people’s healthcare, they may  actually paying for the results of their fat shaming and bigotry. (We’ll never know the effects that shaming has on fat people until we stop shaming fat people.)

Fat people are targeted because we are easily identifiable by sight, and it’s never a good idea to take a group of people who can be identified by sight and suggest that they should be eradicated to make things cheaper for everyone else.  Not to mention that nobody making this argument can show a single method of weight loss that has been shown to work for more than a tiny fraction of people over the long term.

But let’s pretend that the assumption is true.  In that case:  I’m fat, so I’m unhealthy and may cost more money. But…

  • Fat people pay taxes too, and our taxes go to pay for the war on obesity – we are actually funding a war waged against us by our government for the purpose of our eradication.
  • I’ve never even smoked a cigarette.  And yet my tax dollars go to all the people who get health problems related to smoking.
  • I don’t drink.  I’ve never even been drunk. And yet my tax dollars pay for cirrhosis, drunk driving accidents and  alcohol poising.
  • I’ve never done drugs.  And yet my tax dollars pay for people whose lives and bodies fall apart due to drug abuse.
  • I look both ways before I cross the street.  And yet I have to pay for people who get run over after failing to do so.
  • I don’t mountain climb, but my tax dollars pay for the healthcare costs of people whose attempts to do so are dramatically unsuccessful.

And well they should, because that’s how civilized societies behave. I would rather my tax dollars pay for antibiotics to cure bronchitis than pay for an ER visit and hospitalization for pneumonia.  And I’d rather my tax dollars pay for an ER visit and hospitalization for pneumonia than pay for a public funeral because someone didn’t have access to healthcare.  I think that a society where everyone has access to healthcare is better from every possible angle and so I’m interested in removing barriers to healthcare, not justifying them with an argument about my tax dollars.

Even if health was entirely within our control, I’d  rather my tax dollars go to the healthcare of people who make different choices than I do than live in a world where there is someone who gets to tell us all how we should live and I think that the people making the “fat people and my tax dollars” argument would agree.  I’ve also noticed that people who want to police my “health” (and by health I actually mean body size which is not the same thing) are never that excited to have other people police their health.  Should vegans only have to pay for the healthcare of other vegans if they believe that’s the healthiest lifestyle?  Should Christian Scientists taxes not have to pay for any healthcare at all?  Should people without cars not have to pay taxes for the road, should people without kids not have to pay taxes for schools?  Since I think that people who make this argument are bullies should I not have to pay for their healthcare since I don’t like bullies?

Marathoners drop dead of heart attacks.  People who do everything “right” (“right” here having the meaning of “what health concern trolls say we should do”) die of diseases to which they were genetically predisposed. Other people live their lives in ways with which we disagree, we live our lives in ways with which other people disagree, and all this “won’t somebody think of my tax dollars” hand wringing is nothing but thinly veiled fat bigotry.

Bottom line:

Even if they could prove that being fat makes me unhealthy (which they can’t). And even if they had a method that was scientifically proven to lead to successful long term weight loss  (which they don’t). And even if there was proof that losing weight would make me healthier (which there isn’t). And even if they were going to go around yelling at smokers, drinkers, jay walkers, and thin people who climb mountains (which they aren’t) this slope is still too slippery.  And that doesn’t take into account the reality that their premise is completely flawed, their assumptions are faulty, and their method of shaming people is utterly ineffective since they can’t make us hate ourselves healthy or thin.

So I think it would be dandy if they would just shut up.


Ragen Chastain writes on the blog Dances with Fat where she challenges social assumptions about bodies daily. Chastain is the author of FAT:The Owners Manual and an accomplished dancer.

She believes that basic respect and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not size dependent.  She believes that it is impossible to tell somebody’s health based on their size.  She believes that public health is about making options for health affordable and accessible to everyone, not making fat people’s bodies the public’s business. And she believes in respecting whatever choices others make about their bodies, whether or not they are the choices she would make.

Monday, September 1, 2014


No really.
The title isn't clickbait.
This is probably the most exciting (and for me, most certainly terrifying) news I've ever shared.


Yes, that's happening.

A couple of years ago I would have never thought that I would have the opportunity to teach self-love and body acceptance as a career... but here we are! It's a thing. It's happening. And I'm so excited.

I've found myself running ragged, working 86 hour weeks (no joke) trying to give every part of my life the attention it deserved... and well, that proved to be impossible. But I tried for a year and half and I'm shocked I haven't torn all my hair out. Shocked and grateful. What I started to realize is that when it comes to body positive activism, I needed to be all in, or completely out. And of course, I'd NEVER let you down, SO I'M ALL FUCKING IN.

It's time.

Time for more blogging about critical subjects that need exploration. Time for updating this website and pumping it full of content. Time for me to respond to pop culture when it happens, and not weeks later. Time for me to share where to find bad-ass clothing for all sizes. Time to have more guest writers. Time for me to learn HOW TO FUCKING VLOG. It's hard but you want it and so I'm gonna learn! Time to write a curriculum for teens. Time to teach that curriculum in high schools. Time to collaborate with more bad-asses. Time to give the Body Love Conference the love it needs. Time to invest fully in that which I feel most passionate about: helping you (and others) learn to love yourselves just as you are.

Because you deserve it.

I'm using an amazing thing called Patreon to support this transition. 
You can contribute to my mission (for $2!) , get killer perks, and learn more here.

Can't contribute that way right now? It's totally okay. Try sharing the Patreon link instead!

Lets change the world bitches.
One month at a time.

Ya with me?

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Holy JESUS I have exciting news for you!

1.) I'm going to be in NYC on WEDNESDAY, September 3rd! It's been FAR too long, and if you're in town I wanna see you!

2.) The world is shifting, y'all. Body positivity is jumping into the big leagues and being adopted by some really big names. It's no longer stuffed underground.. it's gaining momentum! Do we have a long way to go? Totally, Have we  made unbelievable progress? Hell yeah!

3.) ModCloth is one of those companies embracing body love. One of the founders just wrote about her body image issues and how important she believes inclusivity is in advertising. She also noted that ModCloth was the first fashion company to sign a kick ass Truth in Ads pledge that promises to not digitally alter bodies which, shiiiiiiiit, I'm all about. (You can see more here.)

4.) The best one of them all: YOU GET TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE. And what I mean by that is: ModCloth is kicking off Fashion Week early with an open model call and YOU'RE INVITED. Seriously. They want to represent YOUR body and so they're having a pop-up photo event and I'm gonna be there. Bring your fashion A GAME and come tell me all about your thoughts on body love, diversity, Photoshop, the fashion world, inclusivity in advertising... and whatever the fuck else you wanna talk about! There is going to be press and we're gonna make a movie and ModCloth is gonna post some of your pictures on their FB and blog and, and and... sounds pretty great huh?


I love this concept. I love NYC. I love companies that walk the talk. I love modeling. I love cute dresses. I love these Cicada earrings that I'm definitely gonna wear. I love you.  I LOVE BODY LOVE GODDAMNIT.

So get your sexy ass there, okay?
You can RSVP here for freezies .

And I wanna know: what do you think about advertisements and honest representation? Is it possible to sell as much if you show something other than the media's "ideal"? Is this sustainable? Should more companies follow suit? What does the world look like when we don't hate ourselves?

Talk to me bitches.
I know you're smart.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Tell me something.

When was the last time you opened up your browser and saw a beautiful image of a body shape that looked just like yours?

When was the last time you saw an image of skin markings that looked just like yours?

When was the last time you saw an image of breasts that looked just like yours? An ass that looked just like yours? Scars that looked just like yours? A belly that looked just like yours? 

Unless you're a celebrity look alike and have real time Photoshop (like, a program that follows and moves with you) I'm going to guess that for the majority of us... it's been a while. It's been a while since we've (or maybe we've never) seen our body positively represented within that overwhelming flood of images that fills our social media feeds, televisions, and magazines.

I think it's time to change that.

A week ago, an amazing thing happened. 96 (plus Liora and I...yes, nearly 100) women of all shapes, sizes, shades, and ages, gathered together in a beautiful room in Tucson Az and undressed their glorious bodies.

Nearly all had something to personally gain from the experience; it was a test of self-trust. They bared all to defy a lifetime of being told that their bodies were less than camera ready. And defy they did. Every time the shutter clicked, triumph was theirs. God, it was moving.

But they also bared all for you. They undressed because they wanted to share their curves and angles, smiles and frowns, firmness and softness, strength and fear... with you. With the world. With everyone who wonders if they are alone in their physical form.

We all know that what we see in the media isn't the whole story. It's not representative of all of us. And because of what we see (or rather DON'T see) we start to believe that we are the only one with our particular stretch marks. Our uneven boobs. Our scarred legs. Our asymmetrical nipples. Our belly shape. Our body hair. Our what-ever-it-is-that-you-don't-see-on-display-any-where-else... Rarely do we see our beautiful and complex combination of body parts that makes us magnificent.

And when we feel alone in our body, we feel as though we are not enough. When the truth is: we are MORE than enough. And we are not alone.

So much of the female body that we see is pushed up. Pinned down. Sucked in, tucked in, and airbrushed. It's only presentable state is when it's altered, and so when we look at ourselves in the mirror (naked, untucked, and vulnerable) we say "My body must be wrong."

Your body ain't wrong girlfriend.

Liora K and I hosted The Expose Project last week to offer a medicinal photography opportunity (steps towards healing through terrifying naked poses while a hundred women clap and cheer!) and also to offer YOU more images that perhaps reflect what you might see in the mirror.

98 bodies, untouched. Real, and raw, and more gorgeous than I can put into words.

I was in awe when Liora showed me the final images...each and every body is so gorgeous to me. I've flipped through these images time and time again, every click deserving it's own breath. I see it. I see the beauty. I see the diversity. I see the vulnerability. I see the power.

And with these images also come respect. ALL of these women are powerhouses. Some were strong and silent powerhouses. Some were cheeky, laughing powerhouses. Some were fierce and ferocious powerhouses. And some were sobbing, shaking powerhouses... but they all did what SO many are afraid to do: they were able to expose themselves in a light that highlights their beautiful vulnerability. It's never easy, and every feeling imaginable arose. But they did it, and because of these images they are changing the world. Theirs, mine, and yours.

Will every person reading this post see their body and shape represented here? Definitely not. We can't represent 7 billion people with one shoot in a small city like Tucson. But we can show that as women, our bodies differ in every way conceivable... That we're not alone, and that we are all fucking perfect, just as we are.

You can view all 96 women here, if you'd like. I'd recommend it.
You can also read this recounting that made me cry as well as Liora's post.

I want to come to your town with Liora someday and do this project again. Will you have us? Lets do this again. And again. And again, until we all feel represented. Until the beauty becomes a blur. Until everything we hide is exposed, including our inherent worth no matter what shape our bodies take.

What part of you do you wish you saw more in the media?
What do we need to see more of, representation wise?
Would you participate in a shoot like this?
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