Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is a stirring manifesto and call to arms for people of all sizes and ages. With her trademark wit, veteran blogger and advocate Jes Baker calls people everywhere to embrace a body-positive worldview, changing perceptions about weight, and making mental health a priority.

Alongside notable guest essayists, Jes shares personal experiences paired with in-depth research in a way that is approachable, digestible, and empowering. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is an invitation to reject fat prejudice, fight body-shaming at the hands of the media, and join this life-changing movement with one step: change the world by loving your body.

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is available online at AmazonBarnes and Noble, Jet, Rakuten and yes, Walmart.


"If only Things No One will tell Fat Girls were my bible 25 years ago, it would have surely saved me years of hating my body. This book is a must read for girls and women of all ages and sizes. I believe this book has to power to change the trajectory of self-loathing for countless females. Bless you, Jes Baker." -Ricki Lake

"Thank you Jes Baker. Thank you from my daughter. Thank you from me. And thank you from every women who isn't yet strong enough to fight in this movement. Jes proudly stands up and takes the bullet for a generation of women fumbling with insecurities and body image. And she does it with equal parts fearlessness and facts. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is a cultural game changer. " -Brittany Gibbons, author of Fat Girl Walking


"Fierce. Funny. Factual. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls tackles our most deeply held beliefs about our bodies with razor sharp wit and an  unapologetic commitment that we all deserve to love these vessels we live in. Bravo for this piece of body liberation!"  -Sonya Renee Taylor Founder of The Body is Not an Apology


"Baker has done it all: A fierce, funny, and rocking manifesto that applies solid science to challenge common body myths, exposes cultural health hypocrisies, and stays true to the politics of social justice. Things No One will tell Fat Girls will inspire you to find and flaunt your own brand of awesome." -Linda Bacon PhD author of HAES® and Body Respect 


  1. DC is SO close to New York! Is there any chance you could squeeze us in before you go back home?

  2. Any details on the Oxford stop yet? I couldn't find anything on Miami University's site.

  3. I so SO wish you were coming to L.A. We need this more than anyone. It seems like there are no spaces for radical size activists in this big, spread out city, none that anyone wants to cultivate or support. There's plenty of support for diet and "health at any cost" culture. It's hard for size activism to find a foothold here. We need a wake-up call in a big way.

    1. I've heard the same from lots of people. Check in with Meghan Tonjes, and Kellly Glover of Big Curvy Love... they're both in LA and might have suggestions!

  4. CONGRATS ON YOUR BOOK! I hope you'll be able to make a stop in Minneapolis, MN! (Probably in the spring, tho! LOL)

  5. New to the #BodyPositiveRevolution I did an internship with #Fattitude and was blessed to research and learn about all of the wonderful women making history in this great journey. I kept telling myself I want to get this this person's book or watch this person's show but found myself focusing on other things. Blessed, your book was gifted to me through my amazing internship and I was determined to read it. My whole life I have avoided self-help books but this Jes'ca is better than anything I could have imagined. It's literally like sitting on the couch having an honest and open conversation with you. I was at a chubby crossroad when I picked this book up, but now it is making me feel more and more secure in the decisions I've made and more confident about the road ahead. You totally rock.



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