(Artwork by Tatiana Gill. You can read about how much I love her here.)

The body positive activism movement is multifaceted; there are different approaches, schools of thinking, and ways of learning, much like feminism and other movements as well. Of course, while pieces might move independently, body positive activism proponents all believe the same thing. Something akin to: All bodies are equal. 

I’ve created a list of websites, blogs, social media sites, and resources for you that relate to body activism AND mental health because the two are inextricably related. 

I’m definitely not responsible for the content on these sites, because, y’know, I have zero control over what they post; as of now, though, I believe these resources may be helpful for you. If you find one that goes rogue or doesn’t work for you or you disagree with, don’t fret. Skip it and go find the ones that do!

You've got 370+ to choose from! I hope you find many that serve you and offer healing and validation!

Blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages... I've listed some great ones here for you!

Ways to find a therapist, hotlines, healing apps, alternative mental health treatments - take a gander!

My favorite books + those that will help you along your journey with a bonus link to childrens books as well!

Fat friendly doctors, how to become an ally, why body image is political, how we can change the world...

Want them all on one page? I got you. Just click here to see them all at once.


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  1. Do you have a list of resources for finding a fat friendly doctor?


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