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A mental health professional, pastry chef, ex-art major, crazy cat lady, fat model, fiery advocate, and total pain in the ass.

I live in Tucson Arizona with my three cats; all of whom I love more than anything. Really. Anything. When I'm not working, you will find me drinking coffee downtown, reminiscing about my purple hair, taking body positive photos of women, teaching myself HTML, practicing self restraint in thrift stores and wishing that I had a British accent. 

I strive to provide a place in the blogosphere that offers fresh and colorful perspective on what is presented as normal to those immersed in our gender bent, body loathing society. I love that the internet is an open forum and the only media that doesn't have a universal one sided skew. You have to sift through a lot of shit on the internet, but you can also find gems. I hope this is a gem for you.

If you want to know why I feel strongly about sincere blog representation and candor read this.

Here you will find posts about things I love: equality, baking recipes, body love, feminism rants, notes about the hazardous journey of self acceptance, reasons why you should get a kitten, how to use marzipan, and empowerment.

I am here to support, contribute and join with other women that also challenge the status quo through their thoughts, lifestyles and self acceptance. There are so many wonderful ladies internationally that are full of talent, creativity, opinions, and ideas. If you would like to connect with me, just email me with the contact button. 

Most photos on this blog are my own and you can feel free to use them; just link back to me. If the photo is not my original, you can click the image for the source link.

I'm glad you're here. Talk to me.

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