What we have here is a collection of beautiful moments...
Beautiful moments that we often forget exist.

I think, quite frequently, when we think of The Body Positive Movement we picture a lot of fierce women that fall somewhere in the age category of 20-35. They're outspoken, powerful, and loudly refuse to follow social protocol as prescribed. I definitely fit comfortably into this category, and while I love and bond with the others in this area of the movement, I realize that it's critical that we remember that The Body Love Torch is held high by women of all sizes, shapes, shades, and ages. Acts of radical self love are executed by women from all walks of life; integral ladies of the movement may be five or ninety five... there is no limit. And well, here in Tucson, we are lucky enough to have Jade Beall to capture this revolutionary concept.

We brought together three and four generations of women (from fourteen months to ninety five!) that bravely stepped in front of a camera with purpose: to acknowledge that Body Love knows no age limit. Through allowing themselves to be photographed and finishing the simple sentence "I/We need Body Love because ___________" they have flawlessly touched upon the complexities that arise from generations of women. Complexities that include the influence of mothers. The paradigm shift we all so desperately need. How wasted time is when spent hating oneself. The gratitude for a body that has gotten them this far. The hope for a better future for our little ones.

On a personal note, I look at the images of Grandma, Mom, and I... and I'm deeply touched. Not only because I love them more than life itself, but because it reminds me that no matter when we were born, how we were raised or what we look like now... we're all in this together. We share our lives together; we're all on the same journey and we can (and do) look to each other for love, acceptance, and support.

I can't thank these ladies (and Jade) enough for their belief in both body love. Their pictures are beautiful, and their words? ...they're even more so.

“I need Body Love because loving my body (stretch marks and all) is so wonderfully freeing!” - Sara // 31

 “I need Body Love because it brings me to the real moment of comfort” -Marcia // 60

“She needs Body Love because she should never have to feel body hate” -for Olivia // Fourteen months

“We need Body Love because when we love our bodies, it shows and encourages others to love and accept their bodies, making the world a much more beautiful place. 
Lead by example. Live by love.” 


 "I love my body because it has gotten me this far" -Ofelia // 83

"I need body love because as I get older, I realize that too 
much of my life was spent worrying about my body" -Diane // 55

"I need body love because I forget that my body is perfect because I'm healthy and alive." -Ondrea // 22 

"We need body love because it is something we should pass on to the next generations."


"I need body love because by deeply loving my body, I am holding space for for the women in my four generations to step into self-love." -Socorro // 65

"I need body love because it is essential to my being that I live fully and freely." -Anna // 42

"I need body love because I am an evolving and infinite miracle that is deserving of my unconditional affection." -Desiree // 22

"We need body love because we as women, recreate thought patterns about ourselves that we grew up witnessing from our mothers and grandmothers. It is time we redefine the truth of our beings. This conversation and the education about body love is POWER."


"I need body love because when I love myself, I have the courage to step up and accomplish my dreams." 
-Shirley // 68

"I need body love because it reminds me who I truly am....and how beautifully I was made." -Kim // 45

I need body love because the way I view my body impacts the way I participate in the world. And I want to live life to the fullest." -Jes // 27

"We need body love because loving ourselves first opens the door for others to love us back."


"I need body love because I'm not satisfied with my weight." -Irma // 95

"I need body love because I've never been satisfied with my body." -Roberta // 70

"I need body love because I have wasted too much of my precious life disliking my body." -Joanna // 45

"We need body love because our bodies are essential, precious and we cannot fully love others, if we cannot fully love ourselves."


Love this, love them, and I love the progress we're making in the world when it comes to passing body acceptance down the line. It gives me hope!

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