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Uh, did you know that you can hire me to come speak about inspirational stuff 
AND you can hug me afterwards?!?!?

True. Story.
In "Change the World. Love Your Body"Baker explores the historical evolution behind our current idyllic body type, the stigma surrounding mental illness, and 10 ways that we can individually reframe the way we perceive ourselves and others. She encourages each person to “change your worldnot your body,” uses empirical data to explore the correlation between weight and health, and discusses the “Health At Every Size” movement. Baker shows that by learning to love yourself as you are, you can join in a revolution that directly improves our  societal structure on a global level. Come ready to challenge the notion that beauty is exclusive in this powerful, passionate and progressive presentation.

It's REAL fun.

And afterwards is the EXTRA fun part where y'all get to hug me, tell me your stories and then take selfies with me. I kinda love it.

I also present on other related subjects such as: mental health, peer support, fat oppression, and Body Love as a 21st century civil rights movement. All of which can be altered to fit your event... AND, I can also censor any language if you have an audience with sensitive ears. If you're into that kinda thing.

SO, I'm booking for this Fall semester and Spring 2015 if you wanna bring this hot body to your town. Pitch it to your college, company, or agency. Lets have some fun.

Jes has been a highly publicized speaker within the following:



"Jes Baker is a positive, progressive, and magnificently irreverent force to be reckoned with in the realm of self-love advocacy and mental health.

Jes is internationally recognized for her writing on her blog, The Militant Baker, the “Attractive and Fat” campaign, and her dedication to shifting social paradigms into a place where all people are offered the opportunity to love themselves just as they are. The "Attractive and Fat" campaign drew coverage from CNN, the Today Show, the BBC, and many other national and international media networks. Jes harnesses the power of vulnerability, honesty and candor through dialogue about living in a world where worth is determined by your dress size, diagnosis, and deference to authority.

Jes draws on her own experiences as a “fat chick” in mainstream society, and incorporates her experience as a Psych/Social Rehabilitation Specialist to open up conversations about the correlation between self-esteem, body image, and mental health. Jes explores the historical evolution behind our current idyllic body type, the stigma surrounding mental illness, and what we can do individually to reframe the way we perceive ourselves and others. She encourages each person to “change your world, not your body,” uses empirical data to explore the correlation between weight and health, and discusses the “Health At Every Size” movement.

Jes spends her work week coaching adults with mental illness on how to re-enter the workforce through on the job training. She specializes in the forefront of behavioral health services through peer support, offering assistance as someone who has experienced mental illness herself. She offers new and inventive ways to engage in successful recovery from neurological imbalances and has also has written a state funded curriculum that teaches those with diagnoses how to become peer support professionals themselves.

Ms. Baker currently writes for several large online publications including xoJane and Volup2 Magazine. Jes is the founder the Body Love Conference which is to be held at the University of Arizona in April of 2014, and is currently pursuing her degree through Arizona State University's Social Work Program."



March 25th // Missouri Western State University (St. Joseph, MO)
March 29th // Arcadia University // (Glenside, PA)

April 1st //  Houston, Texas (TBA- leave a comment and I'll tag you with the details!)
April 6th // Monroe Community College  (Rochester, NY)
April 8th //  First Unitarian Church of Rochester (Rochester, NY)

May 15th // Beautiful You Retreat (Tumacocori, Az)
June 6th // The Body Love Conference (Tucson, Az- PCC West)


Speaking Engagements:
To Schedule Jes Baker for an event contact:

MacRae Speakers & Entertainment, LLC.
Kevin R. MacRae, President
PO Box 535
Pembroke, MA 02358


  1. just read your article on the smh website about 'things no one will tell fat girls' - have never responded to anything like this before but could not help but track you down and send this - one of the most powerful pieces of thought expression I have ever read. My only concern was that the title was too limiting and sexist - your musings are relevant to fat blokes too. But wait, silly me, blokes are allowed to be fat, big is good in the hetro jungle, makes you 'alpha' rather than 'outcast'.keep doing what you do, the world needs more of you.

  2. The greatest thing about this place was its interesting concept, and dare i say its sexy and seductive! The wood paneling makes the entire space feel warm and intimate. The seats are modern and comfortable.
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  4. I would LOVE to have you come to Salt Lake City Utah and speak to a bunch of LDS woman. Are you doing ANY bookings near Utah at all?

  5. I called to inquire about booking you for my school :)

  6. I read "14 things..." two nights ago and have been mulling it over. Today, for the first time in my adult life, I wore a bikini to the beach. Yep. In front of all those people. It was terrifying and horribly liberating. Thank you :)

  7. I would LOVE to have you at my campus, but I'm all the way up in Maine :(


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