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Q#1: What is the best part of being Jes Baker for a living?

Hands down... speaking. Lecturing. Presenting. Sharing important information with a crowd and cracking terrible jokes while doing so. Whatever you wanna call it, it's my favorite thing IN THE WORLD.

Speaking is what allows me to connect with the most amazing individuals in real life (you, obviously!) which is super special for me since so much of my work happens on a computer.  And while book writing can be great... nothing beats meeting you, losing it while laughing, wiping away tears and listening to your stories. OH AND HUGS. So many hugs.

Guys, sometimes I get to hug for a living. (<-- That may be the most glorious sentence I've ever typed.)

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to speak in Paris.

The room was full of government officials, activists, thought leaders, academics, social science researchers, industry professionals... let's just say there were a lot of really amazing people there and
we all learned a lot from each other. 

The topic at hand? The global issues around fatphobia (or there, grossophobie), ways we can change this oppressive landscape and the best part - a long list of action items that the Parisian government is implementing to work towards eradicating fat bias entirely.

In short? It was A POWERFUL DAY.

It also reminded me how much I love speaking 
(even if 99% of it had to be translated - I managed to give my introduction in French... the rest was rightfully translated for me) and how powerful it is to gather in one room together and talk about body image issues in person.

I want to do this with you!

I am now available for speaking at campuses, conferences, personal events, fashion shows, symposiums, panels, or y'know- citywide world-altering days; you name it! I'm booking for 2018 and I'm ready to come to you

(In my element: sharing that "La grossophobie, c'est... bullshit" (fatphobia is total bullshit) and loving on Helene Bidard, Deputy Mayor of Paris)

Q#2: What do you speak about?

When I get to tour, I usually deliver the lecture "Change the World, Love Your Body: The Social Impact of Body Love." I basically preach the importance of body autonomy, self-esteem, mental health, social justice and diversity and nowhere is off limits when it comes to traveling to talk about this topic; I'll bring it anywhere it's requested.

The "professional" description of the lecture as explained by my agency starts out like this:

In her brilliantly irreverent presentation  "Change the World, Love Your Body.", Baker explores the state of our current body image issues, shares 10 effective ways for participants to individually re-frame the way they perceive themselves, and clearly illustrates how implementing these 10 actions will  positively affect us all on a global level. 

I've also lectured on mental health, strength-based resiliency, recovery AND fashion as a form of political resistance. Have another topic in mind? We can definitely chat about how to make that happen. 

2018  already has some amazing opportunities to meet fantastic people (I'll get to visit Canada this year!) and I CAN'T WAIT FOR EVEN MORE!

(Press conference, selfie and post-show shenanigans- the best kind)

Q#3: So, how do I book that hot bod (and brain) of yours?

It's really simple! If you're a student, pitch it to your gender studies/multicultural/student activities division and have them (or you, if you're an overachiever;)) contact Kevin MacRae to set it all up. I even have a flyer you can print out and take with you and more information (including quotes about how awesome I am when handed a microphone) here!

For all other events, you're welcome to directly contact Kevin (he's a peach) and you'll find his contact information is below.

I can't WAIT to meet you, sign a book or two and tell you how rad you are. SEE YOU SOON!

MacRae Speakers & Entertainment, LLC.
Kevin R. MacRae, President
PO Box 535
Pembroke, MA 02358

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