Plus Size Style Icon is a fashion series inspired by kick-ass women we love in pop culture. They may or may not be plus size themselves but GUESS WHAT? You can wear their look no matter your size because plus women can rock whatever goddamn style they want. So rock it. ROCK IT HARD. If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Ms. FrizzleMiss Fisher (my favorite), Beth DittoFelicity Smoak (the Internet's favorite), Eloise, and Hilda the plus pin-up.

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In case you somehow missed the best thing to happen to ABC (or hate/ignore Marvel shows- in which case, please reevaluate your life decisions immediately) Agent Carter is a show about a secret agent who works for the SSR (Strategic Science Reserve- not a real thing) and kicks ass in sexy shoes on the daily. She knows her worth, takes up space in a sexist "man's world", and doesn't take shit from anyone.


Because the show is set in 1946, Peggy is caught in historical fashion flux which... is kinda rad. Carter started working in the SSR during the war and at the time, rationing dictated the utilitarian garb she occasionally dons: simple skirts without pleats, low heels and zero frills. As the episodes continue though, we start to see the inclusion of postwar dresses and an emphasis on femininity, French fashion and flounce. Season 2? Flounce.

Blah, blah, summary: SO MANY AMAZING OUTFITS.

And yes, I know, I know. Peggy is not plus-sized, BUT that doesn't mean that fat chicks cant rock the 1940's just as hard as she does. If anything, the ensembles below (most go up to 4x and many to 5x) prove that YOU have the option to bring postwar glamour back like never before.

Go get 'em, ladies and gents.

Felt fedora: This is THE hat you need. Really.
Navy blazer: Not pinstriped; even better. Blue, white and nautical. Two of her looks in one!
Button down shirt: Basic is best.
Navy Skirt: The blazer's other (better?) half.

(If you're gonna commit to this shit, take a note from the leading lady and wear as much red, white and blue as possible. In honor of Captain America, obviously.)

Off-the-shoulder gown: A titch more wearable than Peggy's and just as gorgeous.
Gold heels:  Mid-height and strappy- all in the spirit of the decade.
Vintage rhinestone necklace and earrings: Rhinestone costume jewelry makes me feel things. Sexy things.
Besame lipstick in "1946": The actual factual lipstick worn in every episode. OWN IT.

Lattice Dress: Get your flounce on.
1940's Daisy Pins: Absolutely vintage. Absolutely precious.
Grey Pumps: Simple and classy AF.

Short sleeve blouse: Bring on the ruffles.
Trousers: Not pants. Trousers. Because we're fancy like that. (Up to 5x!) 
Two-toned mid heels: There's no going wrong with this combo.

Tie-neck navy dress: Picture perfect. (Up to 5x)
Red plus-size belt: I own this and love it.
Vintage blue earrings: Keeping it simple and subtly sexy.
OPI polish in "Cinnamon Sweet": ALSO the actual color worn in every episode. Yr welcome.

Tie-neck blouse: The perfect feminine top.
Pencil skirt: Your challenge- rock a tight skirt as hard as she does. VBO and all.
Pearl earrings: So you can look like you have your shit together.
Emerald heels: Peggy wore these in blue throughout Season 1. Good enough for me.

Sexy red dress: AMAZING. (Up to 5x)
Vintage 1940's clip-ons: Ruby rhinestones, y'all.
Official SSR I.D. badge: Because everyone needs one. Obvs.

If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Miss Fisher (my favorite), Beth DittoFelicity Smoak (the Internet's favorite), Eloise, and Hilda the plus pin-up.

If ABC were to release all of season 2 at once (like Netflix so kindly does) I would be the happiest girl in the world. But I would also consequently be too "busy" to write this post and what a tragedy THAT would be.

So I suppose I'll count my blessings, watch them as they come out and dream of the perfect red lipstick in between. Who's with me?

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