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Every year around this time, I nostalgically think back to the afternoon years ago when I popped in a VHS and curled up on my grandma's green corduroy chair to watch Eloise at Christmastime for the very first time. And I'll tell you what, it wasn't the last holiday season I watched it. 11 years later... it's still a thing.

This movie, for whatever reason has become my favorite holiday film of all time. More than Home Alone. More than The Grinch. EVEN MORE THAN ELF, Y'ALL. It's shocking, I know, but Eloise has a rawther large spot in my heart that I'll never give away no matter how good Will Ferrell looks in tights.

Eloise is a 6 year old rabble rouser that lives in the Plaza Hotel with Nanny (Julie Andrews), her dog Weenie that looks like a cat, and her turtle Skipperdee. Besides her being as stupendously fun (6 year old me would be her bestie)... she's also a spectacular fashionista.

If you're into jumper skirts. Which I TOTALLY am.

I also love T-strap shoes. Bows. Short skirts...  I simply can't get enough of her style, so I pulled together some "grown up" 6 year old outfits which would work remarkably well during the holidays. Or, any other day you feel like being goddamn adorable.

And, if you haven't watched it (or, just haven't watched it this year) HERE IS THE FULL FILM ON YOUTUBE. Happy Christmastime!

The quintessential Eloise, re-imagined. If you'd like alternate, less frilly "I take elementary school fashion seriously" knee high white socks, they're here. If you're wanting to rock some suspenders with this like a bad ass, ASOS has some here.

And what if you just REALLY wanna wear a jumper skirt made in big kid sizes? Gotcha covered, girl.


1. Silk blouse // 2. Bow skirt // 3. Seamed tights // 4. Hair bow // 5. Heels

Holiday Eloise is Regular Eloise but in red. The above is something I would personally wear to a holiday party. Not everyone would, but then again, I'm not everyone. The skirt is both sexy and fun, and if you really just wanted to pair it with a sharp tailored button down, I've got you covered.

1. Sunglasses // 2. Tights // 3. Headband // 4. Boots // 5. Coat

Behold: Eloise's Errand-Running-and-Holiday-Shopping outfit. I told you she has style. This particular bow headband looks exactly like the one she wears, so if you're all in... you need it.

She's just magnificent, isn't she? Now go forth and dress like you order room service from bed with messy hair while wearing pink pinstriped pajamas!

Wait, what? You want to know where to GET her fabulous pink pinstriped pajamas? In PLUS SIZE no less? We'll, you're lucky that I'm somewhat of a plus clothing superhero... Ask and ye shall receive!

Now get off my cape, I've got a Christmas tree to decorate.

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