Pray, let us be thankful for the well trained smile of the flight attendant
it may be the only one pointed at us on this day
Let us not be embarrassed to request the seat belt extender
but rather rejoice in its being.
Let us pray for a seat that sits not on an aisle
but a window so we may cling to the plane wall
in attempt to make ourselves small
Let us also move our bodies as little as possible enduring cramp and ache alike
so as not to be a burden unto our seatmate.
And blessed be that seatmate who does neither sigh nor scorn
when our hip sneaks over the line of the armrest
Yay, let us never book with SouthWest for they will send us into exile
for not being fruitful and purchasing 2 seats to contain our bounty when only 1 can be afforded.
Pray, let us ignore the glances when the pilot announces the craft is overweight
and must sit flightless while luggage is rearranged for balance.
Lo, Let us not look to the magazine models tucked into the seat backs like hymnals
as anything holy
Pray, let us remember we are beautiful in our bounty
Pray most of all that we forgive ourselves
And smooth the creases of apology we have folded our delicate bodies into on this day
Come home and stretch out across our beds like the unpacking of a suitcase full of all the best
Our bones are racks of the kitschiest key chains.
Our bellies, magnificent snow globes.
Look and rejoice at everything we managed to get home safe.

Posted with permission from Fat Girl Finishing School by Rachel Wiley.
I wrote about it here. You can find it here.

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