Ever since I stopped giving a fuck about what I thought I should wear I turned to two things I loved: sheer tops and gold everything.

This is a post about gold EVERYTHING.

I stayed far away from metallics, glitter, sequins, you name it for a long long time because I felt like it drew far too much attention to the body I already felt uncomfortable with. I changed my tune though once I bravely wore a gold mini skirt I couldn't resist and found at target. I wore it. I rocked it. And I never looked back. Proof: here.

For some reason, the holidays give us permission to shine a little more (literally) and while I believe you should shine whenever you goddamn want, I've selected some of my favorite BRIGHT ASS golden finds in plus sizes (and straight sizes too!) so that you can happily blind those celebrating around you with your gold, glitter, glitz, glam and... CONFIDENCE. Duh.

I can easily see myself wearing every single one of these items (maybe even at the same time!) but I'm curious about your feelings about wearing the obnoxiously shiny. Do you? Have you? Will you? Does it make you feel sexy as hell or too bright to bear?

Tell me about your relationship with gold, complicated or not.
TELL ME GODDAMNIT. I know I'm not alone.

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