Plus Size Style Icon is a fashion series inspired by kick-ass women we love in pop culture. They may or may not be plus size themselves but GUESS WHAT? You can wear their look no matter your size because plus women deserve to rock whatever goddamn style they want. So rock it. ROCK IT HARD. If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Ms. FrizzlePeggy CarterMiss Fisher (my favorite), Beth Ditto, Eloise, and Hilda the plus pin-up.

In my very early twenties, I worked at a quirky used bookstore called Bookmans where my life was as two dimensional, as well, a life could get. My goals were to look awesome, sound awesome, and to own enough awesome things so everyone else would know I was awesome too.

Pretty shallow.
Fun. But shallow.

This allowed for a lot of room for "complex" media. Music that took energy to decipher (I listened to the bands you've never heard of, so I could tell you that you've never heard of them and then explain to you why they were "life changing." I was THAT guy), books that tore your soul out and stomped them on the ground (or McSweeny's because: hipster), and documentaries that were so depressing you had to smoke a LOT of weed to enjoy them (you know what I'm talking about)... yeah. Those things.

BUT everything changed when I went into social services. My energy was zapped from giving it to everyone around me, my mental stamina was taxed at the end of the day from solving crises and all I wanted afterwards was... ANYTHING that didn't make me work to understand it. I started listening to pop music (I'm a Swifter; 21 year old me is horrified), reading popular books (like, Oprah's Book Club popular. Again, horrified) and watching action packed everything.

This post is about action packed everything. More specifically, action packed shows like: Agent Carter (watch it because it's really great), The Flash, Agents of Shield and most of all Arrow; but basically anything with a really predictable plot, basic characters, and enough production value that you don't notice the production value.

I love them.
Like love, love.

Two seasons into Arrow I found myself undistracted enough by the predictable plots and characters to notice one person's style which led to the following epiphany: Holy fuck. All I want to do is dress like Felicity Smoak.

Felicity Smoak is an MIT grad, IT extraordinaire, Hacker Goddess and... super geek chic lady. The polka dot blouses. The fuchsia lipstick. The kitschy sweaters. The cut out dresses. The platform heels. The only good one liners in the entire show... dear God, if you let me come back as one fictional character please let it be her.

While not plus-size herself, her style transcends the front row of department stores and belongs on all shapes and sizes.... but that can only happen if you look hard enough. So I looked hard enough. Anthropologie would have been the perfect one stop shop for all things Smoak, but because they don't necessarily cater to fat girls, I decided to hunt down Felicity inspired pieces myself on other websites... some available in straight sizes, but ALL available in PLUS. 

She is SUCH a babe, and you are SO welcome.

1 // Blue Cut-Out Dress (Cut outs forever)
2 // Black/Brown Platform Sandals (Does any one else find these sexy as hell?)
3 // Polka Dot Blouse (Wear everywhere)
4 // Black Pencil Skirt (With everything)
5 // Heart Cardigan (Because: hearts, duh)
6 // Scarlet Lace Top (Sexy and "appropriate")
7 // Black Cut-Out Dress (OMG give me this)
8 // Plated Drop Earrings ($3!!!)
9 // Two Tone Glasses (Her exact ones)
10 // Sheer Black Top (I have it and I love it)
11 // Patterned Mini-Skirt (The size can say no, but the stretch always says yes)
12 // Block Color Black and White Print Dress (Her block dress was my favorite)
13 // Black, White, and Red "Profesh" Dress  (Classy. So fucking classy.)
14 // Blush Heels (SO darling.)
15 // Navy Skirt (With flair)
16 // Watercolor Cream Blouse (Reminiscent of this)
17// MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum  (The color is perfection)
18 // Black Velvet Platform Heels (Inexpensive basics are the best basics.)

My favorite of them all being of course, the red white and black polka dot dress ensemble because... red white and black with polka dots, duh. But really, I dig 'em all.

I've done several other (equally random) Style Icon posts about Hilda the Pin-Up and Eloise (I'm the only 28 year old in the world that wants to dress like she's 6, apparently) and I'll be doing more as we go. Who would you like to see a plus size wardrobe of? Who's your fashion inspiration? Tell me and maybe I can work it in!

For now though, I gotta run. IT'S TIME TO START SEASON THREE!

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