I know some of you are buried under two feet of snow, but it's 70 degrees here in Tucson and hell no, I'm not sorry. Why? Well, because in three months the tables will turn; it's gonna be 70 where you live and 115 here, so feel free to rub it in my face in May. But for now, I'm gonna jump ahead of your weather curve and talk about my new happy thing: fat girl shorts.

Some of you might be like- OH I LOVE FAT GIRL SHORTS. I wear them all the time! And others might be like- Uh, it is against THE RULES for fat girls to wear shorts WTF is wrong with you?

To the latter, a reality check: there are tons of fat girls in the world and lots of them wear shorts. It happens all the time. Frreal.

That being said, they're hard and tricky so the WTF is wrong with you? doesn't surprise me. I dunno why shorts are so hard for me and many of my lady friends. Maybe it's because a lot of them ride up thanks to all the squishiness. Maybe it's because we're self-conscious of how they make our hips and bellies look. Maybe we're afraid of knowing the size we wear. Or maybe we're just uncomfortable showing off our definitely-not-photoshopped legs.

Whatever the reason, it doesn't gotta be that way. There are some that don't ride up (and it's cool if they do), your hips and belly are fine, size doesn't matter, and your legs are goddamn perfect just as they are.

So. BAM. Enough with the excuses already. If you wanna wear shorts, wear the goddamn shorts.

Now, I haven't worn shorts (tiny hot pants don't count) since the Abercrombie and Fitch days simply because every time I thought about trying to find some it seemed too exhausting. Much like trying to find jeans for the winter, only harder because: well, they're shorts. All you plus size girls know what I mean. And straight size girls too, cause finding bottoms that aren't made out of spandex but fit just right is a bitch.

So, when I saw these "Karaoke Songstress" shorts online and the fact that they came in 3x (with good reviews) I gave in and said FUCK IT. LETS DO THIS!

And holy shit, they worked.

The jean material is thin and sturdy and there's a great amount of stretch- all these things are needed to conform to this epic ass. The super great reviews on the shorts were spot on, I would only add a note about the size: I ordered them in the largest size- 3x and I would say they could easily fit an 18 to 22. I sometimes wear size 24 shorts (because sizing is fucking weird) and while these do fit, I don't know if they would stretch much larger. Anyone who wears up to size 22... these are fucking GREAT shorts.

Which leaves me wondering though, for those over size 22, where do you get your favorite shorts? Will you leave your suggestions in the comments? I'd love to do some investigating.

But really, the whole outfit was bangin'.

DEM SHOES, y'know? They're kinda like if you combine the best part of the late 90's and the best part of now and put them in sandal form. The striped boatneck top is from here, the fucking killer sunglasses are these ones and of course, SHORTS HERE y'all.

This summer is not the time to worry about how your body looks or what other people think about it. Let people own their personal body shit and you just do you. If you wanna go sleeveless, go sleeveless. If you want to wear a bikini wear a bikini. If you wanna wear a long sleeve, full length ballgown, wear a long sleeve, full length ballgown. (But bitch, if you wear it in Tucson in June you're gonna overheat.)

If you wanna wear shorts, just wear the goddamn shorts.

Your body isn't wrong. Your belly isn't wrong. Your legs aren't wrong. They're just right for you so wear what you want; insecurities be damned.

Got a picture of you wearin' shorts like it's nobody's business? Post them below! I want inspiration!

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