Welcome to my first foray into the world of cosplay! It has been something I've been infatuated with for years but have always watched from the sidelines; never daring to try to represent characters because it seemed to me that the ultimate cosplay success would lie in crafting both the perfect outfit and having "the perfect body" (read: a thin body to match the most popular character's physique). 

But Disneybounding ignited some sort of fire inside of me and I decided that I was ready to do more than just watch.

With this fire (okay fine, obsession) fueling my creativity, I started to ruminate about which character I would dress up as if I released the idea of reaching my definition of perfection. The answer came immediately. The peculiar, luminous, perceptive and loyal Luna Lovegood OF COURSE.

This gal is undoubtedly my favorite Harry Potter character, closely followed by Neville. Quite frankly, I think they would be perfect together but as it turns out, that narrative wasn't up to me. Doesn't stop me from dreaming though.

Here's the thing: comparatively, there aren't a ton of plus size cosplayers (though I recommend you follow the hashtag #plussizecosplay because the ones that are out there are killing it) so naturally, guidance is scarce... and unless you can sew (I most definitely cannot), recreating a specific look can be challenging.

LUCKILY FOR YOU I found a way to make some serious Luna magic work for us plus babes!

I've linked each piece below and included notes on how I made this Spectrespecks-donning Luna Lovegood look (inspired by train scene from the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie) a reality!

This outfit took a lot of digging for a few tricky items + a little finagling (y'know, because making sure you can return plus clothing easily/for free is critical when shopping online... so hello Amazon Prime) but TA-DA! It is possible and absolutely worth it.

I've linked each piece that I used above to a pre-made item that you can purchase (there are some affiliate links included which supports this cosplay post so thanks in advance if you love the items!) but I've also included notes and DIY options (I love an excellent + inexpensive hack) below if you want alternative choices or to make something yourself!

Notes and alternative options:

  • Wigs: The wig I used was super affordable ($12.99) and did the job just fine but I would likely try this longer version with a middle part next time. If you're a wig aficionado and have recommendations for wigs that you personally adore, I would LOVE to hear them!
  • Spectrespecks: You can purchase Spectrespecks if you'd like but you can also make them by downloading this free cut-out and putting them together yourself!
  • Sweater options: I chose this sweater based on the chunky knit and large buttons... and also because it seemed impossible to find a mauve tweed coat that wasn't $983 in my size. It came in a super generous XL with tons of stretch (I normally wear a 3x at least) and was everything I wanted except for the fact that it came in a "neon peach" color. I removed the buttons and boiled it with this Rit DyeMore in Royal Purple (made for synthetic fabrics) for twenty minutes on my stovetop. It came out a splotchy purple/mauve/pink which I felt was a very Luna-esque outcome.

    You could of course carefully dye it for a bit less time (read: in a bigger pot with more consistent stirring) and reach a smoother mauve color.

    Other plus size options 
    I found that don't require boiling include: this maroon + chunky pullover sweater, this purple + high-low sweater dress, and this pink + tweed jacket.
  • The wand: Hell, it's possible to make her wand yourself if you're up for it as well! I definitely wasn't.
  • Radish/dirigible plum earringsI made my own earrings with bakable Polymer clay using this tutorial. Instead of buying glaze I just added some acrylic paint (including a little orange because: dirigible plums) and sealed with a spray-on, matte Rustoleum sealant I just happened to have in the house. I love them and would highly recommend trying it yourself. If you don't feel like making them, there are tons of pre-made options on Etsy!
  • The Quibbler: You can buy a pre-made Quibbler if you like but I highly recommend making it yourself because you can for under $1 each. Here's a high-res link for the cover which (in addition to a glue stick and an old magazine) is all you really need! 

    Ask for it to be printed out at exactly 11x17" (as in- that size WITH the white already edges cut off) and use a glue stick to adhere it to any regular size magazine you have lying around the house! 
    Fold the cover in half, rub a glue stick all over your magazine, line it up and press it down! You can find the visual how-to in my Instagram Story highlights under "Luna"!
  • Luna's skirt: I defaulted to this Colorful CowCow dress because I knew it would fit and the print was not only similar enough but it also included cats. Their dresses come up to a generous 5x and while I normally order a 2/3x, I wore a 1x for this shoot. Similar to her original skirt, stretchy AF, affordable ($19.99) and hella cute! They also have a skirt only option if you prefer or you can get an "Official Magical Luna" custom skirt (that's totally out of my price range) made here. Real talk: I ordered a black dress and was sent a blue one. I decided to make it work but this is the part where it's really nice that they're easily returnable.
  • Makeup: While Luna always seems to have a bare face, I used this tutorial and this tutorial to create wider, more "doe-like" eyes. (I would have searched for "protuberant eye makeup", but I sincerely doubt I would have had much luck.)

And of course, we need a side-by-side for both reference AND fun.

I have to mention that it was impossible for me to recreate her "curious" facial expression from this top photo even though we tried our best. We tried our best 49 times in fact, but no luck. So, let's just call it a "surprise gift" that you get a little bit of a Luna pose AND a slightly sassy Jes smirk. How does that sound?

I really do love the ultimate outcome and can't tell you how much of a blast my partner and I had while putting it together.

Now, I would love to know who YOU would cosplay as! Who is your first choice!?!

Additionally, for all those plus size cosplayers out there that are already killing it - any tips, tricks or recommendations you'd like to share with us?

We're ALL ears!

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