This birthday thing keeps happening year after year and each time I make a point to look back and note the progress, projects, and profound realizations that happened in between then and now. (Here's 27 and 26!)

Year 28, guys? Lemme tell ya what- it was a fucking ride. 

For example:
  • I am overjoyed at the amount of fulfillment that I have found so far by doing body image "stuff" full time. What an amazing opportunity! But I am also saddened by the amount of emotional violence and hate that I encounter while doing this. 
  • I wrote a book that I fucking love, but there was blood, sweat and tears that went along with it.  
  • I honed the wonderful skill of removing negativity from my life, but in order to do I had to first experience that negativity.
  • There was an enormous amount of change (even still- I've been absent on the blog lately because of it!) but no matter how wonderful that change may be, there will always be disorientation and the questioning of self that follows. 

This my friends, is called real life. 
And ohmygod how real it is. Y'feel?

BUT FRET NOT! There is still a highlight reel!: I WROTE A FUCKING BOOK IN CASE YOU MISSED MY MILLION HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENTS. I went to the Dancing Man shindig and was able to visit with some of my favorite humans. I took a kajillion mini trips with my man and enjoyed every single minute of them. I just survived two weeks without the internet. I published a million outfit posts. I used a lot of commas and wrote a lot of run-on sentences. I connected with new body image heroes. I hosted my first Modcloth event (what an honor!). I lectured across the country and made new friends while doing so. I discovered Candy Crush. Ohmyfuckinggod I discovered Candy Crush. I wrote my favorite blog post. I learned every word of Bad Blood. I took boudoir photos and didn't die. I spent a lot of meaningful time with my family. 

All of that AND I learned these very important things:

I want you to share with me: what have you learned since your last birthday? Any wisdom you'd like to share with me? I'd love to hear it.

I'm off to practice a karaoke song so I can nail it after a few "trust me shots" tonight. All with my favorite people of course. Wish me luck... I'll need it.


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