"I keep thinking about something Sarai Walker said the other day at the author talk we did. Someone asked her about what it would take for women to get angry about sexism, diet culture, etc. And she said women are already incredibly angry. They just direct the violence of that anger inward." 
- Virgie Tovar


The Bad-Ass Babe Book Club is an online round table filled with all us bad-ass babes (though everyone is welcome!), and focuses on books books written by OTHER bad-ass babes. Fierce female identified writers. That's what we're all about. YOU IN?


August's selection is Dietland, and comes from suggestions that many of you made in the extra "what would you like to read" box on the survey. For that I thank you! Body positive books are almost always non-fiction and I'm REALLY excited to see what all the hype is about when it comes to this NOVEL written by Sarai Walker.

NPR called Dietland a "Fight Club for women that reclaims the word Fat" and added:
"Alicia "Plum" Kettle works as the ghost-writing voice of Kitty, the notably glamorous and slender editor of Daisy Chain, a teen magazine. She spends many nights at Waist Watchers meetings, and works to save up for weight loss surgery. But then Plum is drawn into a kind of guerilla underground movement of women who set out to upend what they see as the true cost to women of what amounts to a beauty-industrial complex."
I just might pee my pants. That's how excited I become when I see the words "guerilla underground movement", "women" and "beauty-industrial complex" in the same sentence. I have high hopes.

That said, I also have questioning glances. It's been said that it's also part Bridgette Jones Diary. That, AND t
here's been a lot of controversy over the aggression found in the book. I'm looking forward to seeing where my feels fall when it comes to how that anger is executed.

Regardless of my expectations and the fulfilling/failing of them, I'm fucking stoked to open up that book and devour it like I would a carrot cupcake. I loooooooooove carrot cupcakes.


HERE'S WHAT YOU DO: You get your hands on this book (props if you can support a local bookstore when you do!) and you read it during the month of August. We will then reconvene on the first Monday of September (the 7th- make sure you physically mark your calendar) right here and talk allllllll about our thoughts. We're gonna have a lot. 

I'm hoping to see folks of all shapes, sizes, shades, sexes, and genders getting in on this conversation. The more diversity in viewpoints, the better the discussion is!

So share this with your friends, families and online crushes and I'll see you back here on September 7th!

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