You may not know this (unless you follow my Instagram), but I do A LOT of speaking. I tour the country delivering the lecture "Change the World, Love Your Body: The Social Impact of Body Love" and I'll be real: it's my favorite thing. Speaking is what allows me to continue activism full time while connecting with the most amazing individuals in real life. Speaking has been a combination of instigating laughter, wiping away tears, and listening to touching stories. OH AND HUGS. SO MANY HUGS.

Not surprising I love it, right?


The Program:

"In her brilliantly, irreverent and updated presentation, "Change the World, Love Your Body"Baker explores the state of our current body image issues. She shares effective ways for participates to individually reframe the way they perceive themselves, and clearly illustrates how implementing these actions will positively affect our lives as global citizens. 

Baker informs each person that you can in fact "change the world by loving your body" and teaches us that by learning to love yourself as you are, you will become part of a revolution that will transform the way societies think and operate on an international scale."

(Well, that's the short, newsletter version anyway! If you want to read the longer version, you can! Click here.)


How do I get you to come speak in my town?

I'm asked this a lot, and I have good news: IT'S EASY! I often speak at Universities, so if you're a student here's what you do: Print out this page. Take it to (or email it to) your Campus Activities, Student Union, Diversity group, Women's/LGBT or Multicultural Department and say WE NEED THIS CHICK AND HER MINI SKIRTS HERE NOW. They will then contact MacRae Speakers and take it from there!

I just recently spoke at a Unitarian church in Rochester and it was AWESOME. If you're not a student or University employee, you can still book me! Just skip the hard stuff and email Kevin directly at He's the guy with the Boston accent that makes everything easy for all of us. I love him.

Here's ALL his contact deets including the website:
MacRae Speakers & Entertainment, LLC.
Kevin R. MacRae, President


I want more info!

Well okay then! You can find my upcoming lectures, bio, Tedx talk, Today Show interview, full lecture description, other presentations and more on my Book Me page. Of course if you have any questions before contacting Kevin, you can email me at

I would LOVE to meet you, hug you, explain how you can kick-start your body love journey, and talk about important shit that I don't get a chance to anywhere else. Whaddya say? Lets meet up soon!

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