That's pretty much it.

Every year I like to review the last 365 days. For gratitude, for goals, and for perspective.

I'm a little overwhelmed at the thought of trying to list the incredible things that happened during 27... but I'm sure as hell gonna try.

I tried vajazzling. I hosted my first enormous body love shoot with Liora K. 68 women; it was like church. I gave my first TEDxTucson talk. I realized that my body didn't have to be a fetish. I wrote and submitted my first book proposal. It was then accepted by Seal Press. I had two root canals. I started lecturing nationally. I cut my hair short and didn't die. I fell in love. So so SO in love. I wrote about my rape for the first time. I posed for Substantia Jones.  Along with a giant group of amazing volunteers, I hosted the first ever Body Love Conference.  I met Chloe Kardashian. I learned how to love dance classes. I hosted my second enormous body love shoot with Liora K. 97 women; it was like church. We did a Smash the Scale campaign and I dressed like a bad-ass. I learned to accept my scars. I visited 9 new cities. I finally realized that three cats are more than enough and NO I don't need another kitten. I sang a lot of karaoke. And more. So much more.

Here are the life truths I took away from it all:

You can check out my list from last year... some may look familiar, and it's just because they were reinforced even more this year!

Looking back since your last birthday, what have you learned? Any pearls of wisdom for me as I travel into 28?!?

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