Yes, vajazzling. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it was all the rage for a hot second thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt around 2010, though it seems like a trend deserving of the 90's. The premise is this: if your jean jacket can be bedazzled, why cant your vajayjay?

The answer? IT CAN.

The official site says that vajazzling is the act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman's bikini area for aesthetic purposes and "traditionally" (I'm using that word reeeeeeeeally loosely here) vajazzling was done with Swarovski crystals; y'know, real classy like.

See below for some fine examples.

I spared you the dolphins, martini glasses, and butterflies, because I want you to give vajazzling a chance before you say Pffft and walk off.


Vajazzling is amazing.

Ondrea and I share a love of everything gaudy enough to beg the question "Whyyyyyyyyyyy?" and so when she suggested that we have a Vajazzle Party, I was in before she could say "frosting covered crotches." Props to Ondrea for the concept, execution, and photography of this project. That girl has it going on.

Vajazzling services are near impossible to find here in Tucson, but we've been told that they're available in dem elegant towns like Los Angeles and Vegas. If you don't live near either of those, you can do it yourself with a kit and this video

This is all fine and dandy, but since we tend to get overly creative and vajazzling is 
A.) Far from permanent (you're lucky to get a few days outta the deal for all your dollars) and
B.) Not conducive to immediate sex (lacerations anyone?)
we made up our own rules and used things like sprinkles, frosting, flowers, edible pearls, and gummy teeth. 

True story. Kinda makes you wish you were there, huh?

From my experience, I'm gonna recommend that everyone has a vajazzling party and here is why:

1.) We need to push ourselves outside our body comfort zones.
Get comfortable with your body, ladies. Force yourself so far outside your comfort zone that things that are normally scary start to feel like home. We lack any legitimate reason to be embarrassed, feel negatively towards, or hate any part of our bodies. We can learn to love every part of us, so try jumping into unknown waters by doing something extraordinary right off the bat.

Scared of people seeing your awesome vagina? Throw a party with 5 close friends. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

I'm pretty open about my body at this point, proven by the fact that a large majority of the photo shoots I participate in are nudity friendly. Shedding clothes in front of a camera is liberating to say the least. But, even with those past experiences, I still found myself feeling awkward while stripping for my close-up. And that is exactly why I think we should all try it.

Even I needed the push.
Jumping outside my zone? It helped.

2.) All sizes, shapes, and varied states can vajazzle. 
There's a lack of larger shapes on the web sporting crystals, but we can change that! Our little party proved that every size, shape, and stage of hair growth looks great with some accessorizing. You're invited to prove this point with us!

3.) “Down There” doesn't have to be associated with just sex.
subconsciously associate my pussy with sex 100% of the time, but it’s most certainly not the only way to appreciate this part of our anatomy! Switch your thought patterns up a bit and see your cooch as another glorious and justplainbeautiful part of your body. Make it as loved and revered as your strong legs, soft tummy, or mighty brain!

4.) Being around a bunch of vaginas is good for you.
I feel sad for the pubic area- it's gotta feel so left out sometimes. We, as a society, are totally in love with tits; tits have found a home everywhere. They're adored, worshiped, objectified, talked about, and usually smiled upon. All shapes, sizes, and shades; our society embraces them! But our cooters? Much less press time.

We don't prop them up, push them out, honk them jokingly, or see them… well, anywhere except for porn. Yet they are the mecca for all things miraculous; they have the potential to cause mind blowing euphoria, deliver new life (woah!), and at the amazing bare minimum they can sync with the moon and shed the old to allow the new. 

All this kick ass stuff, and yet we're still so hard on them. Maybe we think that our vag is weird, strange, shaped funny, bumpy, lumpy, or perhaps we even find it gross. But being around a bunch of other crotches is the cure. If you create a vajazzle situation you will start to see that you are not alone in your uniqueness; everyone has their own style and they're all a-ok!

It's good to surround yourself with visual proof that diversity is a fact of life. And y'know whats even better than that? Surrounding yourself with diversity in a happy setting.

If we encounter something positive repeatedly, it starts to override our negative inclinations. Eventually, enough exposure will eradicate our negative shock factor, which is AWESOME! I mean, if we’re gonna be shocked by a cunt, it should be because of the sheer amount of awesome that each one contains. Not because we don’t have a pleasant context in which to process it. I propose that a vajazzle party is a perfectly festive way to start this paradigm shift! Create some good ol' fashioned memories with your lady gardens whydontcha?

5.) It's worth it just to be able to say that you did it. 
Ever had a friends face in your crotch while they piped pink frosting onto it? Yeah, you need to experience that. I would also suggest that you casually mention to friends that last night you hosted a vajazzle party and just see how long it takes them to ask what that is. Take the time to explain the fabulousness in detail.

6.) Because we need to celebrate vaginas! 
Our pussies are so fucking cool! They are lovely and deserving things like confetti and rainbows and parties!!! Lets give them the adoring attention they deserve.

The neato thing about skipping the crystals and going with sprinkles, frosting, edible pearls, and candy, is that there is the potential of a lover assisting with both the vajazzling and the "clean-up"! Frosting not only makes a great adhesive, but it's, duh, delicious! The gummy teeth are definitely one of my favorite looks, and if you're interested in seeing the beyond-hilarious-X-rated version of our vagina dentata you can click here. It's too cool for words.

If you're just going for the aesthetics, you can attach most anything with eyelash glue. Seriously, most anything. SO HAVE A PARTY LADIES! Get up close and comfortable with yourselves and say "No way!" to all body shame! If you don't have a group of friends game to join in yet, try it yourself. Take photos of your masterpiece, and look for the beauty.

It's truly is liberating to bare all, though when you start, it may seem like the hardest thing in the world. Just remember that every body is perfect just the way it is, yours included. Prove this to yourself over and over until you finally believe it.

Start your crotch-lovin' journey by bringing back that decorative celebration they call vajazzling! Get friendly with yrself, ladies. It's a riot.

Are you going to try it?
If so, what are you going to decorate your nether 
regions with?

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