Today isn't really any more special than yesterday or tomorrow, BUT if I had to choose a good point to pause and take it all in... this would be it. The last year ran circles around my expectations and subsequently offered me so many wonderful revelations! I still can't figure out how all of those experiences fit into 365 days.

26 included some of these things: Body printing. Learning that I could drive across Arizona alone. Black, purple AND blonde hair. The beginning of The Body Image(s). Being left by a person I thought I would spend my life with. Not dying from that. In fact, fucking thriving from that. A trip to Utah to see my besties first baby. Utah didn't kill me either; this year was full of miracles y'all. My first feature art show. The death of someone close. A new career change in work that I created myself.  Starting a book. My first television experience (in Tucson) and my second (on the Today show). The building of a great circle of women. So many amazing experiences. So so many.

What did I learn through all of that? A million things. Here are my favorite 12:
(And that crown? Yeah, that's my version of a birthday tiara made for me by Melanie of Neesie. I lovez it so hard.)

Thanks for being a part of my community.  Here is to another sappy, verbose, bitchy, snarky, revolutionary year. Cheers motherfuckers.

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