25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do is an unabashed middle finger to the preposterous idea that any human who weighs more than the status quo does not deserve to live a full and well rounded (ahem) life. The list of 25 is composed word for word from direct lists of sheer assholery found on the internet. These range from the absurd to the profoundly shameful, and I will be disproving this offensive notion with style. Feel free to join in on the fun, and if you do, post a link to your post at the bottom so I can share. May the Chub Club live long and prosper!

Utah, you remind me of my youngest brother...attractive, convinced of your beliefs regardless of your naivete, sweet tempered, and always doing what you believe is best. I feel like I'm home. 

It was interesting to fly, since the last time I did was to Italy almost 3 years ago... and I'm considerably fatter these days. My experience varied between the two flights I jumped on... the first plane was tiny and super anti-fatty. I fit into the seats just perfectly, and the seat belt barely fit... but it did. I felt awful for the 300+ pound man that was asked to move to an isle seat (which he really didn't fit in) and everyone stared at the commotion. I literally could feel the judgement radiating off the passengers and the person next to him was visibly pissed. So fucked up. The second plane was larger, roomier, and only half full. I read the entire time and sprawled out... even the seat belt was larger than I needed.

My thoughts are this: it's a blame game. Airlines maintain that fat people should just lose weight or buy two seats. Fat people (like me) believe that planes should accommodate all humans equally. I don't really care if people have gotten fatter, remodel some of the seats. If something happened in our culture/world where people became exponentially taller, I would have to imagine that they're wouldn't be as much resistance to arranging the plane for more comfortable flights. Fat people deserve to be able to fly and live a full, adventurous life. Stop stunting those opportunities, Fat Hatahs.  

I'm thrilled to be on a full week of (paid) vacation with my best friend in the entire world... and her week old baby which I fondly call "baby kitten". I just can't help myself sometimes!

So here I am in the most conservative state in all my fat, tattooed, and purple haired glory. And I am goddamn proud of my size.


Your challenge: Have a picture of you flying? Have thoughts on fatties on planes? Wanna take pictures of yourself with your arms out zooming around the lawn like an airplane instead? Go for it! Anyone (no size exclusions!) can join in... just provide a link to your post below! The next "25 Things" will be a surprise, so stay tuned to learn how to join in.


  1. you're so awesome ^^

    I love your hair and your cute dress!

  2. Oy -- the horrors of flying AND spending time in Utah ;) Are you lucky enough to be up in the SLC area or stuck in Utah county?

  3. Man, if someone wants to pay for some plane tickets I'd love to fly! (Except not to Utah, lol!)

  4. Oh man, that poor guy!! My heart kind of busts for him, that much have been so humiliating :(

    Also, you look beautiful in the first photo <3 You gorgeous lady, you!

    Alli xx

  5. Yay! 25 things is back!

    When I went to Florida, there was a big girl in the seat next to me. She couldn't fit the seatbelt so they got her a seatbelt extension. That didn't fit either so they moved her somewhere else. I'm not sure where.


  6. Gosh, I haven't flown in ages! But for some reason I've also developed a phobia. It's the strangest thing 'cause my parents would take the whole family on trips and I would love the turbulence! Now though, even seeing your photos, I get this panicky feeling.

    CRAP JES. PROPS TO YOU FOR FLYING! And of course in all of your purple haired glory.

  7. The last time I flew, I had the distinguished pleasure of sitting in the very front two-seat, non-moveable-armrest row, my 300lb ass squeezed in so tightly it gave me bruises on my hips, and the most lovely flight attendant next to me. He was catching this flight to get to his next one and kept posting on Facebook about how he had to sit next to Gilbert Grape's mom the entire time we were waiting to take off. He didn't even make an effort to turn his phone so I could see. I called him on it when we were leaving and he couldn't say anything at all. It was fantastic.

  8. I got Kevin Smith'd on Southwest. We were flying to Orlando for our first ever trip to Disney World with some friends. We left Phoenix, everything was fine. We got to Albuquerque and decided to change seats. They had oversold the flight, so there was me, my husband and another good sized guy in the row. They picked ME (who at the time weighed less than my husband) and said I needed to buy a second seat. It was humiliating and horrifying. My husband got off the plane and went in to the airport and explained to the ground crew what was going on. They did not make me buy another seat, but they also did not make the crew apologize to me. They ruined that trip. I was so anxious about the flight home, I couldn't really enjoy myself. I still get angry when I think about it. I have since gained more weight and no one ever looks at me twice.

  9. You are beautiful. I flew 7 flights in the past month. Southwest was amazingly ok with my 240 lbs. On Delta I was able to buckle my seat belt on all the flights but had some trouble on the regional flights from OAK to SLC as well as DCA to Detroit. It seems like bigger planes have bigger seat belts no matter the class. I have only flown the cheapest airfare available for all of my adult life. Sadly my experiences have gotten worse as I have gained weight. As a 160-190 lb person I had no trouble. From 190-240 things have gotten much harder. I have not tried to lose or gain weight. I just want to be happy as I am. I hope that the travel industry can appreciate that.

  10. "If something happened in our culture/world where people became exponentially taller, I would have to imagine that they're wouldn't be as much resistance to arranging the plane for more comfortable flights."

    I'm afraid you're absolutely wrong there. I'm 6'0" and it is extremely uncomfortable for me to fly, to the point of bruised knees. It's also pretty tough to find clothes and shoes that fit, but that's another rant for another blog.

    The sad fact is that these people want to make the most money they possibly can, and that means squeezing as many people in as possible, and catering to the most people possible. This means sticking to average measurements regardless of whether it cuts out those of a larger frame (in all three dimensions!)

    That first photo of you looking out of the window is lovely, by the way ^_^

  11. Beautiful photos. Love your hair!!

    I do have one constructive comment- and I hope you do not view this as rude. Just fair. As most flights these days are almost always completely full, I think everyone should get the full seat they paid for. If a fat person has no one sitting next to them, great! But if the person sitting next to a fat person paid for a whole seat and has said person oozing onto the seat s/he paid for, I don't think that's right (and I have been in that situation before).

    As for larger seats for fat people? Business class seats are very roomy. If you want a larger seat, pay for a larger seat. Don't expect it for free just because you are different. My father is 6'3 and he cannot fit in Coach seats so he upgrades. He doesn't demand that the airline provide more legroom in coach for him due to his height. It's not their responsibility.

    Airlines are for profit businesses, they are not in the business of giving free stuff to people. I'm sure we would all like more legroom/larger seats for the same price, but obviously that is not as profitable.

  12. Umm so I know it isn't the point. But in my very tall head all I an do right now is be super jealous of you that you can cross your legs in an airplane. My knees touch the seat in front of me. S jealous I might be green right now.

  13. I have that same dress!

    Last time I wore it I felt self conscious about how it might emphasize my size. No more worrying about that!

  14. I am in the "obese" category and I have never had a problem fitting into the seats yet. The seatbelts buckle just fine and no one has felt squished. I was on a small flight with a girl as big as me one time and we were together. Complete strangers and we were comfy! I made a good friend too!

  15. I am in the "obese" category and I have never had a problem fitting into the seats yet. The seatbelts buckle just fine and no one has felt squished. I was on a small flight with a girl as big as me one time and we were together. Complete strangers and we were comfy! I made a good friend too!


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