Oh hi, beautiful readers. I'm on workcation in northern Arizona, and I forgot to tell you! I'll be photographing a beautiful wedding in Clarksdale on Saturday and I'm hitting all the cities and monuments along the way. And the best part is that I'm traveling solo. I forgot how much I LOVE it. Hours of open road, Regina Spektor, Red Bull, and desert sun. And amazing Chinese buffets. That too.

I visited Arcosanti today which is an experimental "arcology" town that was created by Italian architect Paolo Soleri in response to detrimental urban sprawl. He argues that by building out we kill the sense of community, destroy our natural resources and depend on technology that takes away the vitality of life. He designed a city that is sustainable, vertical, and community oriented. It was started in the 70's but suffered an insurance/fire catastrophe that put the funding 25 years behind. Someday it will house 5000, but right now it has 60 people who work there, building the dream. It's ethereal in a ruin-esque sense... brightly colored, but in the midst of all consuming construction.

Montezuma Castle is a cave dwelling that was built around 700 AD by Pre-Columbian Sinagua people. It's the biggest of  multiple "buildings" that made up a community near the river and is one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America. Though the inhabitants had nothing to run from, they built it 100 feet above the ground because they knew that building into the preexisting cave meant less wall construction and more natural cooling. Pretty cool shit.

It amazes me that my camera was in my hand all day and I forgot to take a picture of my travel-ready adorableness. I suppose I was too busy hiking up mountains in ballet flats and getting burned to a crisp to contemplate selfies... but fear not. I took one once I checked in to Cottonwood. This was completely necessary because this dress is one of my new favorites. Why is that? Because the entire fabric is covered with upside down leopards from the 90's. Yeah, I know. Coolest thing you've seen in a while. You're welcome.

I'm spending tomorrow in Clarksdale and Jerome, so prepare yourself for some rad pictures of an old (haunted?) mining town. Ciao, bellas.

P.S. This stretch of area also has some good camping areas in case that's your jam. I'm not a huge camper but this informative post on inflatable tents recommended by a sponsor are making me reconsider;)


  1. Arizona looks so beautiful, looking at these pictures. I might have to visit there some day if I can find a 5 gallon bucket of sunblock and one of those fancy UV umbrellas to bring with me.

  2. beautiful! i hope you post more pictures of your travels! i looooove traveling alone too. there is something so nice about being in the car by yourself, you can't distract yourself with tv or the internet and you can just sing, and snack and stop whenever you damn well please!

  3. Arizona is THE place to get excellent Mexican food - enjoy!

    You are tres adorbs in your leopard print frock ~

  4. OH MY GOD. Look at the color!!! It's so vibrant and beautiful (like you in that super sexy dress)!

    I swear, it's like your in a completely different world even though we're on the same continent!

  5. Stunning photos! Looks like a great trip. Arizona is so full of culture and beauty. You look fabulous!


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