I'm too tired and sunburned to even do my homework tonight so I'm going to just say this: I stopped at every blink-and-youll-miss-it thrift store, visited two cities, walked miles in heels, ate a delicious chimichanga, visited Arizona's renowned greenhouse (read: cacti), bought sunscreen (because I'm getting smarter) and sang my fucking heart out with the windows down to Maroon Five. Stop judging me. It's a great song. Sedona is the city of red rocks full of tarot reading, magic crystals, and jeep tours. Famous, fun, and expensive. Jerome is an old mining town that reminds me a lot of Bisbee... and it has a residential ghost. I didn't get to meet the ghost, but it was probably because my good looks scared him away. But they DIDN'T scare away the cute Irish guy at the saloon. Wink wink.

Can I just mention that the picture above is of a woman mixing a table of FUDGE?!? Zomg. That is all. Wedding tomorrow; it's going to kick my ass. Bring it.


  1. Your dress is so cute! And those red rocks are amazing. And oh that fudge...

  2. Sedona's so beautiful... Sadly, the only time I've been there was when I was 10 and I had nasal allergies so bad that I wanted to die so I feel like I didn't really appreciate it the way I should have... but totally gorgeous.

  3. You're so Thelma and Louise right it.

  4. Can I just be where you are? I went to Sedona when I was young and I most definitely want to go back. But I remember that it was hot, and I found it odd that it wasn't humid.

    Oh, and can I get the cat stuff, the sign, and the Mexican skeleton in that one photo? That is awesome. =D

    P.S. Props to you for walking miles in heels. Bless your soul!

  5. These photos make me homesick for New Mexico. You can take a girl out of the desert... ;)

  6. I love that dress!! Where did you buy it?!



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