I'm still reeling from the magic of that night; an evening spent in beautiful body solidarity with nearly 70 other women. It was what Jade Beall would call "Medicinal Photography"... a shoot where you heal fragile pieces on the inside as you celebrate the strength of your outside.

Here we are, 68 women, one message.
This is our love letter to the world through our magnificent bodies:

All of these extraordinary images have come from Liora K's vision and talented execution. She's shared her perspective as a photographer here; through her lens, if you will. These photos were created for the book I am currently writing, but they are so much more than illustrations... They are also the answer to all inclusive body love.

This is it. This is what world change looks like.

My letter to Mike Jeffries included this sentence: "My hope is that the combination of these contrasting bodies will someday be as ubiquitous as the socially accepted ideal." 

Here we are, making it happen. Taking every body shape, size, and shade and capturing their unequivocal beauty. Shamlessly, unabashedly, unapologetically. Alone, together, standing, dancing, lounging, smiling, hugging and everything in-between.  But it doesn't stop there. We THEN we allowed the world a glimpse into the place of self acceptance that we've created. When the world sees all bodies reflected in a positive light, a transformative paradigm shift begins and inclusivity starts to sneak itself into the collective consciousness. Step by step, image by image, we are reformatting our reality. We are rewiring our belief in beauty. We are teaching ourselves the truth.

It's that childhood phrase, but backwards: We do it. We feel it. We think it.

We courageously bare all. The more we do this, the more empowered we feel. The more empowered we feel and the more often we think that maybe, just maybe... we are okay just the way we are. And the more we think "Maybe..." as we continue to do, feel, connect, do, feel, connect... the more convinced we become that YES. YES. Yes. Yes, in fact we are perfect. All of us. Individually and together...

We do it. We feel it. We think it. And then we truly know it.

It's time we share the love. 

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