There are a LOT of "plus costumes" out there. All larger versions of what we see on the street at the end of October; pretty much the standard outfit with a little extra fabric. But here's my question: What if you don't want to dress like everyone else? What if you want to accentuate your size?  What if you feel like poking society's body shame in the eye? What if you wanna play UP the fact that you're fat and fabulous? Well. Then I've got some great ideas for you that flaunt whatcha got. Ya ready?



Pretty obvious, right? I LOVE me some Ursula and this is one costume that can be executed in so many glorious ways. Have you seen Queen Latifa in sea witch garb? Even she's into it. There are a lot of images for inspiration out there... just google Ursula costume or Ursula makeup.

But whatever you do, don't forget to flaunt the sexy side of this babe. See above for a reminder.


Tracy Turnblad.

ALL OF THE AQUA NET. Get your fashion on ladies and tease the shit out of your hair. There are so many options when it comes to wardrobe, but if you were to make me choose... I'd pick the cockroach dress. Duh. I would image screen printing (or hand painting!) a formal gown would just about do it, and this woman's take is cute as hell.


Cherry from Studio Killers.

Part of me didn't want to share this because I wanted to be the only one dressed like Cherry for Halloween. But the other part realized how amazing this costume is and so I caved. Watch this music video. Watch it.

Now go smear colorful makeup on your cheeks, seduce the bouncers, and show the world who's boss.

Ethel Mertz.

I do love Lucy, but I love Ethel just as much. I was tickled pink when I saw that she was a main character on "The Lucy Show"... and she was even more of a babe in that series. Which seems impossible, but it happened. Have you seen The Lucy Show? Classic.

Pull out your vintage dresses, pearls, and smirks and then watch this video on how to get that 50's curl in your hair. And how much do you love the head scarf in the last picture? I would channel that look every day if I could.



They tried to slenderize and "sexify" She-Hulk as much as they could, but there is still something... unapologetically enormous about her. Ditch the Wonder Woman get-up (or don't... it's awesome too) and charge into the party mean and green. I have to admit that the ripped cleavage dress and white body suit are sexy as hell. If only they counted as business casual.

Going as She-Hulk is more than a fashion statement. It's a fucking punch in the face to heroine norms.


Lauren Zizes.

What do you think about this character? More than anything I think she's fucking adorable and would be a fabulous choice for a character costume. Luckily for you, someone's already put together a post on it.


The Fat Lady That Sings.

Don't shy away from this because it's been joked about a million times. Viking women are one thing... but to be THE Fat Lady That Sings? I would imagine that dressing as her would be a powerful experience. Grab the metal breast plate (can I call it a Tit Plate?) and belt out the chorus of your favorite song. Maybe a night of karaoke? You'll have to be creative with the outfit; you'll probably need to get individual pieces. This website hosts the last image which doesn't look plus sized, but they offer XL.

The best part about donning the costume? YOU get to decide when the night is over.



I could not have made your life easier. I've written an entire post of plus sized replicated Hilda outfits with the links and all. Need more inspiration? Check out this beautiful tribute below!


(The vector image via and the three following are from herehere, and here, respectively.)


This idea is a total thanks to Jessie who recommended it below. I took one quick peek into this costume and fell in LOVE with ALL OF THE EXECUTIONS. There are several tutorials for both the "person" version and the "character" version, but I liked this Pinterest board the best. Also, Etsy will totally hook you up with LSP outfits, which is pretty rad.


Do you already know what you're going to dress as this year? What is your favorite costume that you've worn so far? Do you have any other ideas for thick chick worthy costumes?

Give us more ideas! Let this be The Year the Fat Ladies Forgot to Hide!

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