Oh hey fat babes. Ever seen something like this?

Of course you have. The idea that "overweight" ladies probably shouldn't have a short crop is ubiquitous and the words conceal, hide, and distract from are just as common. I bought into this for the majority of my life, and would often never cut it shorter than an inch below my jawline. And remember this post? Yeah, that body shame kept my hair longer for concealing as well. Fuck body shame man. That stuff is poison.

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with Regis and Kelly. I would watch them in the morning religiously. I will never forget the episode when Kelly was pregnant and talked about how she would never cut her hair super short because she felt like bigger hair distracted from her growing body. 

Yep. Been there. Only not pregnant. KnowwhatImean?

Here is the thing: the whole concept is kind of ridiculous. If you're fat, you're going to be fat no matter the length of your hair. People didn't see me on Tuesday and think I was thin and then on Thursday and realize that I was fat; no one fainted out of shock. It doesn't work that way. Hair is not a magic cloak, it's an expression of what you love. And I love short hair. AND I'LL WEAR WHAT I WANT GODDAMNIT. Also, look how awesome my "fat-tastic" mousse is.

Rachele has talked about this, Katie at xoVain has talked about this, fuck, there is even a Tumblr about this.

Listen up. Wear what you want, and ignore those who tell you that you shouldn't. Let's eliminate should's and should nots from our vocabulary and decide what makes us happy. And then let's do it.

What have you not done because of should and should nots? And are you gonna throw rules out the window and do it now? Inspire me, bitches.

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