I am quite literally a crazy cat lady. I'll wear that name like a badge with pride! If you're ever interested in my unhealthy obsession with my three furry roommates, I would recommend visiting my Instagram. They're about as cute as life gets. Proof:

I love Instagram because it allows me an intimate peek into the lives of those I love and an exclusive peep into the faraway ladies that I adore. I always wanna know where Margie is partying, what Becca's making for dinner, and what shoes Gabi is wearing. Can you blame me?

If you're interested in which cafes I frequent, what vintage signs I love, knowing who I'm chillin with, and seeing the magazines I hate... it's cool; no judgement here. Hop on over. Be warned though... the excessive cute from three kitties might make you sick. But sick, like, in a good way.

Who do you love following on Instagram? Link me so I can follow too!

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