If you didn't see the colorful updates from my trip to NYC last month, I'll clue you in to what you missed: there's a kick ass campaign going on thanks to ModCloth and you're invited to join. 

You're invited to join, and I would enthusiastically recommend that you do! Here's why: the biggest challenge we have when looking at media and fashion representation is the lack of diversity. We don't need to "get rid" of the model figure in this silly world of ours! We just need to balance it with bodies that represent what we also see in real life. You, me, her, him, them... all of us.

ModCloth is on it, and they want your help.

Susan (the founder) signed the Truth in Advertising Act, promising to be the first fashion company to refuse to digitally alter bodies in their ads. She's also expressed her dedication to showing plus sizes right along side straight sizes which I think is damn near essential if we're gonna see long term change. These are notably radical steps for an online retailer, but they didn't stop there.

They also hosted a pop-up photo shoot and encouraged everyone to have their picture taken with the potential of sharing on their site and social media. Literally- anyone off the street could represent. And many did!

It doesn't end with the event though, and today you can participate in this diversity call. You can flaunt what you've got AND just by posting a picture with the hashtag #FashionTruth, you'll be entered into a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate. That's a bad ass dress and some cat tights, y'all. What more do you need to get photo snappin'?

Nothing? Good.

It's the last day to participate in this inclusive selfie bash. This is it, and I'm going to encourage you to join in. Snap a picture of you and hashtag it #FashionTruth on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. You get bonus points if you share what your fashion truth is. Mine? That all bodies deserve the spotlight. You can learn more about the movement here.

1.) THIS FACE DRESS. It hugged my boobs (like only my boyfriend should) 
AND had pockets which made it an official favorite. 
2.) Evie's brand new tattoo was ridiculous. 
My second favorite body love tattoo, right after this magnificent thunder thigh
3.) My #FashionTruth is that all bodies deserve the spotlight. 
4.) So many powerful connections at one event! I loved them alllllllll. 
5.) Susan, the brains and beauty that moved an entire company towards photo honesty.
 6.) Because we couldn't resist.

Not pictured: the CICADA earrings that continue to get compliments even today. 
They're a head turner, that's for goddamn sure.

I found you one lonely MLP shirt here. Someone please give it a home.)

If you participate, you'll also have the chance of being chosen as a Fashion Truth spotlight. October's choice was Emily who is a photographer and apparently already knows that the secret to happiness includes wearing mustard yellow. Though it's not a secret anymore.

Join in. Add to the representation. BE the change you want to see. Oh, and win a goddamn dress while you're there revolutionizing the world, whydoncha?

Tell me: what's your fashion truth?
Seriously. I want to know.

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