I think my life + job looks a lot more magical than it is "in real life." Most of it is spent at home catching up on emails (and failing miserably), designing graphics, writing curriculum, researching, updating presentations, editing my manuscript (this is currently 80% of my life), avoiding the dishes, and talking in an annoying voice to my cats. Don't worry. They love it.

It's pretty great, don't get me wrong; but it's not the "lifestyle of the rich and the famous" (in fact it's kinda the opposite) by any means. Did anyone else listen to that song on repeat 13 years ago? No? Just me?


BUT, all of that said, sometimes awesome opportunities come along and they are in fact, magical. Most recently, it was a chance to book a last minute flight to Los Angeles (thanks Whitney!) to attend the Dancing Man party and visit some favorite friends that I rarely get to see. This is the kind of thing that makes me giddy and really grateful.

Now, I wasn't "special" enough (wink wink) to score an invite on my own, but Whitney made me her plus one (sexiest date ever) and I was able to join in on the festivities that centered around anti-bullying, dancing, and honestly- love. Kind of a great place to be.

I had a chance to meet Kelly from Big Curvy LoveDamienne who stood up to Ari Shaffir, and hear Monica Lewinsky talk about standing up to bullying. Can I just say that attending a party where kindness is encouraged is one of the best things ever? Well I'm gonna, and it is.

The unexpected goodnight kiss was, well, unexpected. And loved, obviously.

I also had a chance to spend time with the gorgeous Meghan Tonjes and we bravely walked down Hollywood Blvd during the day. Have you ever tried this? It turns into a weird mashup of Disneyland and Las Vegas when the sun comes up... so thank god we made it out alive. We did find amazing things though: like Amoeba, unicorn wigs and pin-up books that demonstrated how Meghan edits her videos; see the left corner above. No lie.

Brunch with Tess is predictably one of my favorite things. Mmmmm, I just love her and all her realness. Each time we go to Larchmont Bungalow which is simply incredible and I'm definitely okay with continuing this ritual. I got a chance to meet Nick, talk about mental health, activism, fashion, where they do and do not intersect and how life is far from perfect. Y'know, the light topics you usually talk about at brunch. I also realized that while my brow game is strong, my eyeliner game is weak and... needs some fucking work. THANKS A  LOT Tess. P.S. I think the super talented Nick and I may have a future project together... and it has the potential to blow your motherfucking mind. I also took pictures in my underwear.

This. This dress.  I felt like a 50's babe. That's all I gotta say about that.

The last night was spent with Whitney and Tal eating brie + fig hamburgers, shouting excitedly about body love, and swearing in the hot tub. I'll tell you what- that Whitney girl? She's just as much of a bright light as she appears on TV; it's not an act in the slightest. Her energy made me warm, fuzzy, and inspired all over again. It was definitely a highlight of the trip, and I left with giant emoji hearts in my eyes.

I feel beyond blessed to have these people and opportunities in my life. The internet is great for connecting with like minded people, but there is something really special about reconnecting with friends in real life. And I need it to keep me going, y'knowwhaddImean?

L.A., you've got some amazing people in you. You can bet I'll be back in July!

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