In the last year, 60 thousand of you have joined in on the Facebook fun and over 300 thousand of you have started visiting the blog regularly. Which is pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me. It also means that thousands of you might not know about all of my favorite posts hidden in the archives.

I'm not gonna lie- several of my old articles make me wince when I reread them... some are poorly written, with embarrassing layouts and (to me) share overly simplistic messages that are more than outdated. But because this blog has been and always will be a documentation of my own personal journey... I suppose this is to be expected. The Militant Baker contains things I've learned along the way, life changing lessons that have popped up and revelations that took years to surface. So, naturally, this blog has evolved just as I have... and just as all humans do. But while I my cringe at some, I also smile at others. There are some reminders within TMB that I still need to hear often and maybe (just maybe) you're in need of the reminders too!


Ten Years of Self-Portraits and Why It's Important to Love Your Body Now"I sobbed for the girl that was so beautiful on the inside and the outside but couldn't see it. I sobbed for the girl who spent years missing out on magical parts of life because her perspective was poisoned. I sobbed for the girl that repeatedly punished herself for not being good enough. And I sobbed for every other girl out there who believes the same lies that she did. I sobbed because these lies destroy lives."

Scars, Self Harm, and the Saturday I Stopped Giving a Shit: "We all have our stories and secrets. We all have our insecurities and perceived flaws. Don't ever feel alone or guilty for being one of the many. But also know that our bodies are gorgeously unique, and the fact that not one is exactly alike is the most magnificent part of all. Uniformity is what they teach us, but that doesn't exist. Allow your body to be what it is, how it is. Allow it to not fit in. Allow it to have wrinkles, scars, cellulite, freckles, dimples, discoloration, or bumps. Allow it to exist and serve you so that you can live your life to the fullest."

A Letter to Sixteen Year Old Me Exactly 10 Years Late" It's hard to believe, but you'll evolve into a heavily tattooed, purple haired, artistic, fat, spunky, sarcastic, and intelligent Behavioral Health Professional. A Behavioral Health Professional is someone who works on "whole life healing" with people and you also work with neurological deficiencies. That means brain diseases. It is a far cry from Dental Hygienist and Interior Designer and it sure as hell doesn't pay as much.  Well, not yet anyways. You're going to find out that money is not as important as you thought and that contributing to the world is much more fulfilling. You are totally rolling your eyes right now. Stop it, I'm being serious. Also, hell is not a bad word. Stop trying to find creative ways to spell and say it. Just say it."

So You Want to Put Me in a Box?: "The Egalitarian Box: All people are equal regardless of race, economics, gender, or age. Opportunity is not equal in today's world, but it sure as hell should be. I'm working on that."

My Womanifesto: "My right is to fuck it up... every now and then. My right is to express my feelings. I don't care if you don't like them. My right is to be wildly inappropriate. My right is to wear a dress one day and dirty hair the next. they are both good. My right is to be as educated and informed as I can. My right is to be a fabulous lover, artist, girlfriend, feminist, daughter, advocate, seeker. My right is to speak up when the point is moot. My right is to be sexy and seduce myself. My right is to give a shit."

The Un-Breachable Subject of Sex: "Sex in and of itself not un-breachable per say, but when it comes to the sex lives of women in long term relationships... we just don't talk about it. Sure, we LOVE to compare notes when we're single. Women's magazines are full of how to's and what to do's and you should try's. We love to talk about the hook-up from last night, the numbers, and the tips. But those of us who are years deep in a serious relationship don't get the media coverage that other women do. Many of us are left in the dark when it comes to whats "normal" when you have that "forever" connection."

Why I Fight"It's just too easy to hide in our world with our friends and cats and others and vinyl records and cameras and think everything's just dandy out there in the world. And there is nothing really wrong with that. However, clusterfucks always gather speed, so if you are willing to promote change you most certainly should. Find something you're passionate about. My mom is passionate about promoting non-violence. My grandma is passionate about educating the world about how bad red Gatorade is for you. My friend is getting politicians and their laws out of our vaginas. Another friend is funding Arizona literacy programs."

Fat and Easy- Totally Not Synonyms: "I grew up mortal enemies with my body; so much so that I was completely and utterly detached from it. Me and My Body were separate entities all together; fused only by physical proximity. My body was the friend that people tolerated so they could hang out with the rest of me. My poor body. So hated, reviled, ignored, camouflaged, shunned, demoralized and loathed. My body was neglected and famished for attention and so I jumped at the chance to be with whoever would have me."

6 Things I Understand About the Fat Acceptance Movement: "All bodies- large, small, and everything in between pay dearly for the negativity in which fat bodies are perceived. Why? Because as long as we demonize a body shape (any body shape) there will always be a fearful comparison. And the fearful comparison will inevitably breed all forms of hatred; both internally and externally. We will never be able to embrace our bodies as a diverse society as long as negative body messages exist. So yeah, we’re going to be talking about the “social deviants” of the body world, but this discussion is applicable to us all."

To That Guy Who Made a Fat Joke About Me to My Boyfriend: "When the world looks at a "sexy" man with a fat woman there are many assumptions: that he is settling. That he would prefer something else, but is forced to date a lesser lady. That he has a questionable fetish. That he is a perverse abomination. That there is something inherently wrong with his sexual preference. But just as I state in the original Lustworthy article: all bodies can be paired with all bodies; not an opinion but rather a fact. Fat with fat. Thin with thin. Fat with thin. Thin with fat. And everything in between."

The Truth Behind Borderline Personality Disorder: "to acknowledge that you have a biological imbalance is one of the bravest things that you can do. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. So you have that extra barrier and you STILL get up in the morning? Baby, that makes you miraculous. You deserve a standing ovation and a certificate for your stunning survival. You are my hero. Never give up. I sure as hell wont."

Fat Girls Find Love Too: "So, real talk: all bodies can find love. And honestly, guys, they already do. While many people share that they feel like they may never find someone, twice as many post comments about how sexy their husbands/wives/lovers think they are and how ecstatic they are to have unconditional love."

Expose: "When was the last time you opened up your browser and saw a beautiful image of a body shape that looked just like yours? When was the last time you saw an image of skin markings that looked just like yours?When was the last time you saw an image of breasts that looked just like yours? An ass that looked just like yours? Scars that looked just like yours? A belly that looked just like yours?"

A Diagram To Help the Next Time You Have a Shitty Brain Day: "The thing to remember is that you have ALL the answers and you can find solutions all on your own; it’s just a matter of asking yourself the right questions. This process that borrows from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) will hopefully help with your next day full of not-awesome."

Exercise Classes and Fat Girl Freak Outs"So often, us fat ladies feel the social pressure to "better ourselves" by losing weight but then feel ostracized in a workout setting. We feel obligated to join The Perfect Body Factory (okay, maybe you call it a gym) but once there, we feel out of place and pushed into a competition we've failed at before even stepping foot inside. It's a mindfuck, and scares a lot of us shitless. The combination of fat bodies and exercise can resurrect a lifetime of shame. The most powerful kind of shame in the world."


Do you have a favorite that isn't listed? I'd love to hear it in the comments! 

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