I've been re-reading my favorite book recently (Cunt by Inga Muscio) and I stumbled upon my personal "Womanifesto" that I wrote years (and years) ago. I was profoundly humbled by the power that it still held when I read it again today. I still believe everything I wrote. I still feel it with every fiber of my being. My self declaration is timeless and will not age. I just might have to hang it on a wall somewhere! I would challenge you to take the time and write your own. May I share mine?

My Womanifesto: by Jes
(because sometimes i need a reminder)

i am a GOOD girl.
i will NOT, however, behave myself.

i will screech, cry, cackle, roar, shake, storm, dance, clap, sing, swear, smile when i feel like it.
because i am alive.
i will toss all other standards and measuring tools aside.
because they are not mine.
i will be as B-I-G as the universe intended me to be.

my right is to fuck it up... every now and then.
my right is to express my feelings. i don't care if you don't like them.
my right is to be wildly inappropriate.
my right is to wear a dress one day and dirty hair the next. they are both good.
my right is to be as educated and informed as i can.
my right is to be a fabulous lover, artist, girlfriend, feminist, daughter, advocate, seeker.
my right is to speak up when the point is moot.
my right is to be sexy and seduce myself.
my right is to give a shit.
my right is to not give away my inner stockpile of courage.
my right is to dip into my overflowing reserve of love and give it away.
my right is to be a lover AND a fighter.
my right is to apologize if i mean it.
my right is to blare music as loud as i can and singscream along
my right is to worship the female form and mind
my right is to support all of the cunt-lovin women in this fucked up world we live in.

im gonna wear war paint and weave these into a banner that i'll hold above my head while i RUN.

no longer will i hate my body.
i will love every inch of my sensitiveagitated skin, every tiny areola, every extra tummy roll, every chipped tooth, every part of my breasts that succumbs to gravity.

no longer will i resent the fact that i have the blessing to bleed. and when i do, i feel fully alive.
no longer will i deny myself forgiveness.
no longer will i hinge my life and emotions on anyone elses thoughtschoicesdecisions.
no longer will i take no for an answer. im a smart cookie goddamnit and i will make my own decisions thank you.
no longer will my sexuality be something that a person can partake from. from now on, it will be given by me, or not at all.

today is the first day of the rest of my life.
tomorrow too.

i am fierce and fantastical
gorgeous and talented

i am a woman,
a source of life,
of ebb and flow,
a body
a mind
a heart
brimming with possibilities

i am the best thing thats ever happened to me.
i am the best things thats ever happened to you.

if you can't recognize that, go waste someone elses time.

i am no girl and every girl in one depending on the second.
i am a prostitute, wifey, preachers daughter. teacher, riot grrrl, model, punk ass bitch. friend, trouble maker, goddess.
i own them all. they are all good.

i embrace my fire
i embrace my emotions
i embrace my insecurities
i embrace my passionate and vulnerable heart
i embrace my body
i embrace my craziest dreams
i embrace my madness
i embrace my energy
i embrace my beauty

and i will always smile,
but i will not behave.

(the fire is coming)

snaps whip.




  1. I think I am in love with you after this!

    I love your total unapologetic approach to who you are as a woman. I have exactly the same belief. I will not apologise for who I am and I will not deny my sexuality or sensuality.

    You rock, lady!


    1. Thanks Becky:) Life is really too short and precious to live it apologizing for being yourself and trying to please others who are ultimately un-pleasable. The tricky part is that this mindset is something we have to fight ourselves for, and in order to do this we somehow have to pull ourselves out of the mainstream thought that we shouldn't pull ourselves out of mainstream thought. ONCE WE'RE OUT THOUGH, it gets easier and easier to not get sucked back in.

      Eventually, were not even worried about being sucked back in, because we are now focused on moving forward with our own happiness; everything else is secondary.

      Rough ride, but I'm starting it!

    2. P.S. YOU rock, lady! xoxox

  2. i love this! i've always been a bit in awe/inspired by you, but just when i think i can't be more impressed, you go and pull something like this out of your oh-so-fashionable hat. i love that you put your raw authentic self out there time and time again and make mistakes and keep on laughing and learning. i love that being around you is both uplifting and fun. and frankly, my dear, i love that you give a damn.

    1. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

  3. I looooove thiiiiiiis. And disregard my question in the last email because this is it, and it's AWESOME. This is just what I needed today.

  4. "i am the best thing that ever happened to me." This is so great. Thanks so much again, for emailing me. I love you so hard.

  5. I loved this SO much!!! I just found your blog through Amy Morby's. I am loving the Womanifestos so much I just wrote my own!
    Beautifully & wonderfully are awesome!
    xo, Jamie

  6. Wow. That is ri-dic-u-lous... in the good way! You are amazing and inspiring!


  7. you rock my balls.
    you inspire me.

  8. This is so wonderful. I love it so, so much. I very much look forward to following along with your journey. Thanks for being you.

  9. Amazing amazing amazing. You inspire me more than you will ever know. A 36 year old woman in NYC!! Who would have thought we have so many things in common! Rock on sista and please do not stop blogging!!

  10. I have a daughter, so much like you it's crazywonderful! I am 53 and so happy to see that the world is changing for women. I shared your views 40 years ago, maintained them and still adhere to them. It is good to see a young woman who knows that being comfortable in her own skin, happy, creative and full of life is not a privaledge given to her by society, rather, it is her birthright! Get on with your great self!


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