Oh. My. God. It's January 20th and I've only just now been able to get to my first "real" post of the year. Life is wild right now, y'all. My cohorts and I joke that I should just post "See you in May!" and leave it at that, but I love blogging too much to stop until The Body Love Conference is finished. And there are so many subjects I want to rant and rave about... I just need to find the time.

I work 86 hour weeks. Is that a lot? It sure feels like a lot.

BUT FORGET ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND! HERE I AM TYPING A POST FOR YOU AND I'M REALLY EXCITED BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT MY FAVORITE MOMENTS OF 2013! And there were sooooooooooooo many good ones. My favorite 13 posts from 2013 are as follows:

A year ago today, I had my first revelation in regards to the push back that body acceptance movements create. I love looking back and seeing how far I've come; how my appreciation of negative commentary has evolved. And it's quite obvious that the criticism has only furthered my drive to continue this work... I mean, here we are! Right now! Winning at life! Bring it Haters <3
My first foray into the discussion about fat and health. What you don't know is that I've had another more detailed post on this subject in my draft folder since June. It will delve into this controversy even more, but for now here is a brief exploration of what "No Diet Talk" means.
This piece was written through tears. Because of this, I think it's emotional candor spoke to many.

This particular photo shoot was a transformative experience; it hasn't been matched since and I doubt it ever will be. It was therapy, church, beauty, and revelation all wrapped up and served with wine and Beyonce. 
I often push myself to talk about uncomfortable things simply for the sake of honesty and, well, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. This is one of my most feared conversation subjects, and GODDAMNIT I was proud of myself after writing this piece. It resonated with so many of you and just proved what I already knew- feeling solidarity when you previously thought you were alone is one of the most powerful things evar.

Talking openly and honestly about mental illness is MY JAM. Borderline Personality Disorder is close to my heart, part of my brain, and something the world needs to chat about on the daily. 

Jade Beall's dance class changed everything. Within this post, you can read my meltdown, and the brilliant advice given to me by Liora K that forever altered the way I viewed exercise classes. More on this dance class to come on The Militant Baker for sure.

It was terrifying to publish this piece, but a relief at the same time. Silence does no one a service; a dialogue is the first step to healing.

Ever been photoshopped to ADD weight? Yeah, this was a first for me as well. My thoughts on the experience and some kick ass photos to get you all swoon-ey over the 1920's.

SUCH an important topic, and impossible to find outside of dense textbooks. The history of the US economy and how this has shaped the advertisements we see today. How all of this was created and why it has the profound affect that it does. We must learn why so we can vow to no longer subscribe to this money driven bullshit.

I wanted to explain why I focus so much on the body instead of just our internal gifts, and I really love the end result.

Another uncomfortable body moment; ultimately, my most sensitive. Even still, I wonder if lovers notice or care about the scarring on my skin. Since this "radical" photo shoot for me, I've stopped trying to hide it, but I still wonder. Self love is a process. Always will be.


The ones that took the internet by storm and brought you all here in the first place. The ones that were more successful than I could have ever imagined. The posts that I'll forever be grateful for! 

Did you have a favorite TMB post this year that isn't on this list? What is it?

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