Just in case you're new here, you've gotta know about this incredible project going on in my kick ass corner of the world: "The Sexy Lady Bookworms is a fun Tucson-based project to create a deck of playing cards graced with photos of local ladies posing in local bookstores. We believe that reading is sexy and should be celebrated. We also believe that women of all sizes, colors, ages, and genres are sexy and should be celebrated.  We combined the two ideas and this awesome project was born. Profits from this project will benefit Kids Need To Read, a literacy charity."

Its a sexy 54 card deck featuring 54 sexy women of all shapes and sizes (me included), shot by sexy local photographers (me included!) in sexy Tucson bookstores. It is SOOOOOOO sexy. Got it?

I've shared about this project quite a bit but if you're late to the game, you can catch up by reading about the beginning, my modeling, the TV interview, and the wrap up shoot. Cassie from Dawn of the Dandelions even joined in cross country! Sexy Lady Bookworms also has a Facebook and an official website if you're jonesin for the good stuff. And it's not over yet... There is another celebratory "get all the girls together" card promotion photo shoot on Sunday and I'm looking forward to that like somethin' fierce. And I hear whispers; something about "Bookworm Beefcake"?

Pause for one second, I have to tell you about my friend Rachel. She and I worked at a bookstore together for years, so it's only appropriate that we bonded over books and boobs this time around. The whole SLB idea was hers and she dove in head first with no looking back. Honorable. Little did she know... (these projects ALWAYS start this way) how much of an impact she would have on the women she came in contact with. Because of her, I started to see on a very large level what the camera can do for a woman's self esteem. It was this glimmer that transferred into my Body Image(s) as well as into my own life. I also met the most marvelous like minded ladies through photo shoots, and thus a community was born. So, yes. She started a revolution here in Tucson, and I was lucky enough to be swept up into it.

So, long story not so short, if you like playing Cribbage or Rummy (my favorites) or you just want a bad ass deck o' cards you can order them here. I really can't believe they're only $10. I'm not just saying that to make them sound more amazing... I really can't believe they are that inexpensive. I think I want to give them for Christmas gifts...  ohmygod that's a great idea. "Here! Have a deck of cards and a smokin' picture of me pressed up against a bookshelf!" WIN for them, amiright?

K. I'm done now. Thoughts?


  1. Buying right now. You, and the projects you're involved in are incredible and I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog!

  2. Oh how I wish I was local (to you) so I could have taken part of this sexiness!

  3. Oh wow, that's so inexpensive!! I probably won't even get stung on import tax, yaaay! :D

    Alli xx

  4. That's so awesome that they're all done!!!

    And that photo shoot was so much fun, even though it was across the country. ;D

  5. It was really a transformative experience! So much so that it's difficult to put it all into words. I'm so proud of Rachel, and you and Liora (and Steve ; ) for taking an idea and seeing it through to its fruition. Hopefully you do all appreciate the magic of your gifts.

  6. this is so amazing!! what a wonderful idea!! wish I could have taken part in this amazing adventure!! <3


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