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P.P.S. This is the dress I wore on the TODAY show, and it will be available from CandyStrike on June 1st. Gear up for an obscene amount of awesome!


How To Get a Sexy Swimsuit Body In Less Than 5 Minutes:

0:01: retrieve preferred swimsuit
0:02: put on said swimsuit
0:03: look in mirror
0:04: exclaim "HOT DAMN I am one sexy bitch!"

Optional: strut like you just don't care.

 No really. It works. Try it.

Today we stayed at The Golden Nugget surrounded by hundreds of tattooed punk rockers that were visiting for some sort of bad ass bowling convention. I was asked if I was there for the event, and I took it as a complement. I must look like a kick ass broad.

We chose this hotel to check a goal off my list of "2013 Adventures". I mentioned here that I have a paralyzing fear of sharks and because I'm not ready for a shark cage, a reader suggested this pool. Below is my genuine reaction in which I apparently clinch my fists for safety and make ridiculous faces. Guys, that shark had a shit ton of teeth.

The pool also had an enclosed water slide that goes through the tank, and while I was waiting to go down the 8 year old in line tried to convince me they also had a great white. How DID HE KNOW what would cause a meltdown? But it's obvious that I made it out alive, so that's cool. Check, and done.

And because I know you're going to ask, the swimsuit is from Walmart. Though my ethical soul wants to shun them, my fashionable fat chick tends to have the last word. Its amazingly hard to find boob supporting suits in Tucson stores. I also have a bikini, but that's for another post and I'll be sure to share some online favorites as well.

Off to answer emails! Opportunities await.
What shop carries your favorite suits? Do share!



I’ve been on adventure people! I finished a whirlwind trip to NYC (the weather was gloomy but I wasn't!) that gave me one hour to get the airport and 22 hours to rock the face off the city. 3 hours was spent exploring Times Square, 13 hours was spent on the phone and Skype doing interviews, and a grand total of 6 hours was spent sleeping after an epic 36 hour day. I’m a superhero, and also excited to sleep for a week. 

Just kidding! My mom and I are going on a killer road trip to Las Vegas in 10 minutes so I can conquer my fear of sharks, be interviewed (by phone) for the BBC, and talk about being a fabulous fatty on a kick ass radio show.

I picked up a babe-ly polka dot swimsuit to wear, so there will definitely be pictures. And after that… well, I’m going to see where life takes me.

I’m making that face because Cookie Monster was getting a liiiiiiiittle too friendly. Thank god Elmo was a gentleman; I tipped him extra. And a special thanks to NBC... guys, that was great.

What would YOU like to see me do next?


Over the last 24 hours, the Internet has shown up at my doorstep with about six barrels of sunshine and only a few bombs. My inbox is overflowing with messages of encouragement and thanks, and this is my attempt to say thank you - to each and every one of you who has reached out.

You have brightened my day, nay, my life with your immeasurable support and I owe you all the squishiest of hugs and sloppiest of kisses.

To all of you who have sent me "hell yeahs" and "get it, grrrl"- have no fear. I'm gettin' this shit. And I'm gettin' it good. 

To all of those who have asked how you can help- Let me locate my sanity first and I'll get back to you on that. 

To those who have shared intimate details from your personal journey to illustrate how similar stories can be- thank you for that honor. We're all fighting the good fight, and if there is one thing I've learned its that the bad is all too soon forgotten and the good always keeps going. 

To all of you who have thanked me for doing whatever it is that I do- I thank you. You are the reason that I continue to challenge social norms even when the going gets uncomfortable as hell. You are the inspiration behind learning to love myself just the way I am. And YOU are the reason I aint quittin'. So don't leave now, y'hear? We've got a world to change!

Here's the thing people: I'm still your regular ol' Militant Baker. I love writing on my blog and I'll be back in full force in the very near future. There was no way I could have prepared for the thrilling response to my last article so you'll have to forgive me while I run off and do incredible things like television shows, newspaper articles, and radio interviews. Give me a little bit of time to respond, and I promise that you'll hear from me.

Now quit fucking reading this droll post and go do something phenomenal with yourself!

Today the interwebs... tomorrow the WORLD!
Well, actually, tomorrow I'll be on the TODAY show. So make sure you catch that shit.

All of the kisses and hugs you could ever want, 



May 19, 2013

Mike Jeffries

c/o Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercrombie & Fitch Campus
6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, Ohio 43054

Hey Mike,
I know you've been flooded with mail regarding your comments on sizeism, but I wanted to take a second to write you about a project I've been working on.
As a preface: Your opinion isn't shocking; millions share the same sentiment. You've used your wealth and public platform to echo what many already say. However, it’s important you know that regardless of the numbers on your tax forms, your comments don't stop anyone from being who they are; the world is progressing in inclusive ways whether you deem it cool or not. The only thing you've done through your comments (about thin being beautiful and only offering XL and XXL in your stores for men) is reinforce the unoriginal concept that fat women are social failures, valueless, and undesirable. Your apology doesn't change this.
Well, actually, that's not all you have done. You have also created an incredible opportunity for social change.
Never in our culture do we see sexy photo shoots that pair short, fat, unconventional models with not short, not fat, professional models. To put it in your words: "unpopular kids" with "cool kids". It's socially acceptable for same to be paired with same, but never are contrasting bodies positively mixed in the world of advertisement. The juxtaposition of uncommonly paired bodies is visually jarring, and, even though I wish it didn’t, it causes viewers to feel uncomfortable. This is largely attributed to companies like yours that perpetuate the thought that fat women are not beautiful. This is inaccurate, but if someone were to look through your infamous catalog, they wouldn't believe me.
I've enclosed some images for your consideration. Please let me know what you think.
A note: I didn't take these pictures to show that the male model found me attractive, or that the photographer found me photogenic, or to prove that you're an ostentatious dick. Rather, I was inspired by the opportunity to show that I am secure in my skin and to flaunt this by using the controversial platform that you created. I challenge the separation of attractive and fat, and I assert that they are compatible regardless of what you believe. Not only do I know that I'm sexy, but I also have the confidence to pose nude in ways you don’t dare. You are more than welcome to prove me wrong by posing shirtless with a hot fat chick; it would thrill me to see such a shoot.
I'm sure you didn't intend for this to be the outcome, but in many ways you're kind of brilliant. Not only are you a marketing genius (brand exclusivity really is a profitable move) but you also accidentally created an opportunity to challenge our current social construct. My hope is that the combination of these contrasting bodies will someday be as ubiquitous as the socially accepted ideal.
Ever so sincerely, 
P.S. If you would like to offer me a "substantial amount" to stop wearing your brand so my association won't "cause significant damage to your image", don't hesitate to email me. I respect you as a business man, and my agent and I would be happy to contribute in furthering your established success.
P.P.S. You should know your Large t-shirt comfortably fits a size 22. You might want to work on that.

Photography: Liora K Photography//Model: John C. Shay Facebook/Twitter



Ooooooh ladies, you've done it now. I keep getting emails from you asking where to shop for kick ass fat girl clothes, and I'm here to deliver. Some of the greatest ladies of fatshion blogging took the time to share their three favorite places for clothing collecting... and if you're lucky some might even tell you where to find babe-a-licious swimsuits as well. Feel free to click their picture to be directed to their personal site, as well as click on every link below to get lost in a sea of fashopportunity. That's not a real word, but it should be.  

Hold on to your sexy plus-size britches, its about to get awesome up in here:

Some summer hot spots with shopping for me are Domino Dollhouse, eShakti and Old Navy.  It's a strange mix but Domino Dollhouse covers wild 90's inspired prints and pieces for a perfect statement look in the Nuclear collection.  I'm in love and currently owning half of their accessories. eShakti has a much more conservative look with dresses I haven't found in my size anywhere else.  I see lots of summer bbq's in their well made fashionable dresses.  I threw Old Navy in the mix because while their quality isn't always top notch I can rely on them for well prices basics like shorts and tanks.  As for bathing suits I have been seeing ALLIHALLA making some amazing and unique swimwear for summer 2013.  She customizes style, fabrics and sizes.  Some of her work lately has been amazing and I really want a swimsuit from her. 

Asos is probably my favourite place to shop. I buy like 80% of my clothes there. They have a great straight size line which goes up to a UK18, which fits me, but Curve is probably the best plus line around, and carries a lot of stuff I love too. 

Modcloth's plus line has really come up in recent times. I think they go upto a 3X in some items but most of the stuff they have is smaller than that, and goes up to just my size. They need to work on expanding their size range, but stylewise, their stuff is what I love best. 

I hunt Etsy and eBay for vintage a lot. Obviously there's a far wider selection in the smaller sizes but I've come across many a gem in larger sizes (UK 22-26) while browsing there. 

Special mention: I came across AppleCharlotte today and her collection is the best plus size clothing I've ever seen. Although it's not for sale, I think everyone should support her in launching her line. And no, she didn't pay me to say this, I'm just seriously awed by her clothes.

And oh yeah swimsuits - Modcloth does retro one and two piece swimsuits which I really really want, in plus sizes. I THINK they go up to a 4X? Everyone also seems to be talking about Gabifresh's swimsuit collection for Swimsuitsforall, but I don't know anything about it, because I haven't looked at it, except for the galaxy one, which I think is incredibly cute. 

When it comes to summer-shopping, I have a set of go-to places that I always find trendy, edgy, young and fresh fashions from that never disappoint. First, I always check out Addition Elle which is my favourite Canadian plus-size clothing store. But my American ladies, not to fret! Additon Elle delivers to the USA online. They have a lovely selection of lingerie, casual wear, dresses, swimsuits and the lot. This is a staple-store for me.
Next, I have to tell you ladies that I am *obsessed* with Chubby Cartwheels which offers edgy, young and hip clothing made by the lovely and talented Shawna Farmer. I have several Chubby Cartwheels body-suits which are absolutely *brilliant* for summer - you can wear them with shorts, pants, skirts, or on their own. Paired with the right undergarments, you could even get away with wearing a bodysuit to the beach.
Lastly, I have to direct you ladies to Domino Dollhouse. If you couldn't already tell, I have a passion for edgy fashion. And Domino Dollhouse is the ho-to for pin-up and edgy clothing.
And for those of you looking for swimsuits other than what Additon Elle and Domino Dollhouse has to offer, check out Monif C and SwimsuitsForAll for some contemporary, sexy plus-size swimwear.

When I was asked by Jes to pick my top three favorite plus size stores for her blog, I thought to myself, "An impossible mission!  How can I choose just three!"  Then I had a look at her fabulous blog.  She definitely has a clear sense of "alternative" style, which I just plain love!

With that in mind, my first choice for summer is most definitely Domino Dollhouse. They have lots of retro inspired pieces as well as unique, edgy ones that can be mixed in (or not!) with more "straight" pieces for an awesome vibe.  My favorite part is that most of the tops of dresses/skirts etc. are fitted and then puff out significantly, which means those of us with the pear shaped situation get the best of both worlds--- a tight top and a gloriously flow-y bottom. I personally own a pink crinoline from them, an awesome striped skirt, and a bejeweled, shear purple top (my YouTube channel actually has a haul which shows all of them). AND I believe they have a 20% going on now (Google it quick!).
My second pick, while not totally out there, is Asos Curve.  They have some more sophisticated, classic, staple pieces (black skirts and dresses, collared tops etc.) and then LOADS of clothes with clear personality--- prints, sparkles, stripes, a little something for everyone.  In my experience, they run big (yay!) and are awesome.  They have free shipping both ways too. At this point, about 50% of most frequently worn items hail from here.  I love their skater dresses!

My third pick (and this is simply because it is summer) ties Alight and eShakti.  I like Alight for their sun dresses :)  I have loads from them.  I like eShakti for their unique, retro, not-retro, plain, not-plain, printed, solid colored, AMAZING dresses.  They totally rock my socks in that department. eShakti also has sizes up to 36 and CUSTOM sizes, which means you can get your very own, personal fit.  Summer is most definitely the best season for each of these :). I would say at least 35% of my most worn items are from these stores.  In fact, I sit here in a neon striped get-up from eShakti.
I also want to mention a plus size resale place Fattoo (a Facebook group). They are hopping and have lots of turnover!  Feel free to search for it on Facebook and join! I sell my stuff pretty quickly on there. There are some good steals there.  In addition, Abbeypost is an up and coming website for plus size resale too.   

If you want to see more of these stores/looks, definitely check out the YouTube channel for OOTDs and hauls.  My blog is a work in progress but has some info on these stores too. It would make my life if you would join.  

Remember, Curvy IS Beautiful! 

Hugsies all you Militant Bakers!

3 Places I shop most:
JIBRI - I can always find a knockout garment from this designer and since she's independent I can confidently walk in a room and not be worrying about someone have the same garment on.
JCPenney - This has been a place that I have recently been shopping a lot at.  They have some really cute pieces that I can work into my wardrobe at inexpensive prices.
H&M - Always good for trendy inexpensive finds, fabulous designer collaborations, and funky accessories.

My favorite places for swimsuits are Nakimuli and MonifC.  They have vibrant colors and include both fatkinis and whole pieces in their collection.  They both really push the boundaries of plus size swimwear.

Being a bit of a bargain hunter and also on a tight budget my favourite places to shop for plus size clothes are:

Plus Sized Clothes Swap - I have been to 4 swaps and have run 1 with my friend Rebecca and have another planned for June in Leeds. Its a simply thing to arrange. Venue is key! Somewhere cheap! We charge and entry fee of £1 and you bring as much or as little as you like. Everything gets put out on tables and everyone just takes what they want. Sizes range from 14 - 38. More and more people come each time and word of mouth has made it very popular. Try putting one on in your area!

New Look Inspire - Sadly they have little to do with the fat community but their prices and range are very good. I buy most items from them. They are missing out on business by not doing underwear for plus sizes. Leggings I tend to buy from straight size stores as most 18/20 will fit my 24/26 bum and are much cheaper than from Plus ranges.

ASOS Curve - They have super styles and a large range but are a little more expensive. I tend to wait for sales. I have also bought from the straight range of oversized tshirts in a size 18 and it was still very large! I have bought Swing dresses in size 18 that also fit perfectly! ASOS is free delivery so it is worth buying a few different sizes at the same time and seeing which fits best then return the others.

Swimwear - I have found Simply Be best for swimwear. Great styles and prices although not very supportive for the larger bust in their bikini range. 

Shopping is a laborious  but pleasurable task. I wear a size 26 and my wardrobe is filled with clothes from a size 14 to a 28. You have to shop with an open mind and hold clothing up to see if you think it may fit, don't just go by the size on the label. My favourite bricks and mortar stores are Evans, Marks and Spencer, and Monsoon. Not exactly cutting edge but you have to cut your own edge with creative styling and imaginative colour combinations. Don't be put off by a retailers frumpy image, you never know what you might find! I also love vintage items though these are hard to find in the right size. My first stop for online shopping- Asos. They don't water down the trends for larger sizes and offer some great pieces. My second stop- Simply Be- they offer clothes up to a size 32- HELLO!

During the summer, I'm typically in the market for swimsuits, shorts, and fun dresses. My favorite swimsuits have come from Lane Bryant (sizes 14-28). I like their retro style swimsuit, and I especially like that many styles have built in bras. I'm a size 28/30 on the bottom, so I have fewer options when it comes to shorts. I like to get mine from Old Navy Women's Plus (sizes 18 - 30) since they have a lot of choice in lengths, fabrics, and colors. For my dresses, I look to Australian retailer City Chic (sizes 14-24). They have a search function for your size, so I use that to see what dresses are available in the XXL (24). I like that their dresses cover many different styles, so they can appeal to me when I'm feeling girly and also when I'm wanting something a little more dark or edgy. 

This is only part one, and there are more to come. I love these ladies so hard.
Wanna share your shopping secrets in the comments below?
Lets make this the ultimate guide! Ready... GO!



There were quite a few things that came together and made Tuesday night a wonderful experience. One was living in Tucson where we have The Loft. It's a non-profit art house that celebrates independent  and  specialty cinema the way it should be celebrated. The second was the one night showing of the award wining documentary about Bipolar Disorder: "Of Two Minds." The third being that I was asked to sit on the Q&A panel with the director and a few others afterwards to facilitate the ongoing conversation about mental illness. Flattering and totally inspirational.

Watch this movie. If you have a mental disorder (many of us do) or you know someone who does (and really, all of us do) this eloquently filmed documentary is the perfect catalyst towards more exploration. Many commented that those featured tended to be incredibly eccentric, vivacious, and artistic. They wondered if those who didn't have those qualities were going to be represented as well. There are many who maintain more of the bitter downs connected to Bipolar (and we need to talk about them too), but my experience is (and many many many studies have shown) that there is a high correlation between brilliant creativity and "madness". There is even a conference about it. I loved that this film showed that.

The film also introduced me to Liz Spikol, a fucking fantastic journalist that is well known for her honest, candid, and hilarious representation of living with mental illness. I know I will be just one more email in her inbox, but she needs to know how much I identify with and love her. SO MUCH LOVE.

Most of the discussion following the movie came from those concerned about how to help a family member who has a diagnosis. This was a needed reminder that while I'm comfortable working within the world of recovery... there is a lot of knowledge and education that needs to be shared with the public. And in this way, I feel that this movie is a critical contribution. Bipolar is the conversation starter. The term may be flippantly overused, but there is something to be said for the fact that society doesn't cringe when hearing it nowadays. It's also considered by some a "contributory" illness meaning that while experiencing mania, people with Bipolar Disorder become inspirational and productive superheros! And that's viewed as a good thing, right? NPR covers this in The Unquiet Mind.

While it's difficult for me to isolate "one diagnosis" and not talk about the rest (seeing as the spectrum of mental health is completely nebulous), I was grateful for Doug Blush for framing such an emotional subject and transforming it into a brilliant work of art. The movie stirs people, and that internal motion is the first step towards change.

What are your thoughts on the best way to start talking about serious issues like mental illness?
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