Legit reasons why you wanna:
1.) You love me
2.) I'm fucking adorable
3.) Because I've gotten over two million hits in the last 3 days.

2,113,763 to be exact. That's a lot of readers that can see your cute little image on my side bar. If you're interested, click here.

P.S. There is a new "Spotlight" size, but only one and it's gonna go fast. Better hop to it!
P.P.S. This is the dress I wore on the TODAY show, and it will be available from CandyStrike on June 1st. Gear up for an obscene amount of awesome!


  1. discovered your blog with the A&F recent scandal, such interesting things here.
    jaymes :

  2. Ah congratulations!!! That is amazing! I really enjoyed your interview :)

  3. Obese people have increased risk of:
    - High blood pressure
    - Osteoarthritis
    - High cholesterol/triglycerides
    - Type 2 diabetes
    - Coronary heart disease
    - Stroke
    - Gallbladder disease
    - Sleep apnea and other breathing problems
    - Some cancers (such as endometrial, breast, and colon)
    You're not helping people, you are killing them. If you really want to help, encourage them to loose some weight. No need to become anorexic. But being is not healthy!

  4. Hi :) I just found your blog throught that scandal! I must say that I loved your reply and those photos are amazing :)

  5. Hi! I, like (afaik) most of the world population, do not find obesity attractive or appealing in any way. I find fat people not even remotely visually pleasing although I have to admit that (unlike health) beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But please, don't give up on the promotion of unhealthy life styles. Makes it easier for the rest of us :)

  6. Firstly: Congrats, Jen :)

    Secondly: I don't think this blog encourages an "unhealthy lifestyle," I think it is empowering to people who society puts down the most. Honestly, are chubby people supposed to put their nose in the corner and just be ashamed of theirselves? It can be so hard to accept yourself when so many people negatively judge you SOLEY BASED on how you look. This blog encourages people to love themselves no matter what they look like, and in my opinion, that rocks.

    On the front page of the "Free Press" newspaper in my town, the big story was on how suicide rates are at their all- time highest in my state. IMO, that alone screams that people need to hear a message about self- love instead of being told they're not good enough.

  7. I am proud of you. I have been a long time reader before this and I still am. I love the fact that you embrace your body. It's yours right? So what's with the nasty comments above? My guess is they shop at A&F....

    Keep on keepin on girl :)

  8. I found your site through the article about the open letter to A&F. The open letter made me smile. I love your attitude. Like many women, I've had body image issues most of my life. I'm not considered overweight, but I have hips and thighs and a bottom. Back when I was young (I'm 49 now), all you saw on TV and in adds were very thin women. I think your enthusiasm and joy of life is fantastic. Good luck with all your projects. I'm looking forward to reading through the archives of your posts.

  9. It's quite obvious that several of these comments are from people who do not read this blog. Jes does not promote unhealthy life styles. She promotes body love and positive self esteem. It is a fact that you cannot tell the health of a person by looking at them, so get out of here with that garbage. The comment about not finding bigger bodies attractive is irrelevant --this isn't about you (arrogant much?). This isn't about changing yourself to suit "most of the world population". It's not about anyone but ourselves. Take your body hate somewhere else. We do not care about your fake concern for our health. You're using health to justify hate and body shaming and it's not okay. If you're not into fat activism then fine, go away.

    Furthermore, shaming people with fat bodies does not motivate them to change. For some, it makes them laugh at your audacity. For others, it makes them want to disappear and not exist. Neither of which cause change. Since gaining positive self esteem and body image, I've treated my body better. Jes's kind posts about loving myself didn't make me go eat a cheeseburger (but if I wanted to I would and have every right to), they made me want to love myself and treat myself better. They made me want to get up and dance and live for the first time ever! So, her posts promoted a much more healthy life style for me. You're wrong and you're a bully.

    I love Jes!

  10. Bwhahahaha to the comment from the wankas that are so negative.... I am in the obese category but guess what.. I am fit and healthy. My sugar levels are perfect and my cholesterol is spot on... my liver function is awesome and so is everything else.. I am a 42 year old hot & overweight Australian woman.. My man loves every inch of me... :P


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