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The Militant Baker is taking over the world by storm, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We have been receiving 200,000-500,000 hits per month! We also have 130,000+ Facebook followers and other social media accounts including Instagram, TwitterPinterest, and Tumblr that are alive and well. All in all, a great investment on your part!

I am more than happy to help you create an eye catching button free of charge, if you are unsure how to do it yourself. Email me and we can collaborate!

If you want to support The Militant Baker for 90 days, just change the number desired to 3, and use the promo code: THREEMONTHSFTW! to receive 10% off all months purchased

I am open to product reviews, and I especially believe that fatshion is a powerful political statement that needs more exposure! Contact me if you're interested in sending product my way and we can discuss the applicability together. I also like to partner with companies that I believe in and special ad spaces are available just for you! Giveaways are always fun for readers; inquire about these as well.

The Militant Baker has become a for profit blog in order to offset the time dedicated to blogging instead of other engagements. I solemnly swear to always give an honest review and truthful discussion of every product and collaboration that I participate in. I believe in honesty and integrity; this is what my site was built on and it will continue to be this way forever! Your support allows me to spend my time instigating a world wide revolution, and for that I love you! THIS BLOG IS ALSO FULL OF AFFILIATE LINKS. Because I love them.

Any further questions can be addressed through email at


  1. I'm daft. Where do I enter the code? Ta.

  2. Just letting you know that I added your blog button to my blog's blog love list. :) If you're into swapping, that would be cool (my button is on my blog). No pressure though! Your blog rocks (which means you rock as well!).

  3. I would love to do an ad swap with you!

  4. I tried to e-mail you about swapping again this month but I am not sure if you got it (I don't think the client likes my computer). Would you be up for a swap again?

  5. it wouldn't let me advertise for free? i even typed the code in but it still required for me to pay?

    1. Use the code "TRYAGAIN" to see if it works this time...

  6. I applied. I'm excited! I'd love to put a button of your blog on mine but I can't find one on your site. Is there one? Thanks. <3

  7. This is the best blog on the internet.
    It's inclusive of everyone and is an empowering read.

    Thanks for being you!

  8. I was curious if you do button swaps. Please email me at if you're interested.

    I absolutely adore your blog!

    -Chrissy of


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