I wish I was still in Palm Springs.

YES, I love traveling for work. YES I love my bed. YES I love my cats and having everything I need in one place... but GOD DAMN IT GUYS. PALM SPRINGS WAS WONDERFUL.

The boy and I took the car for a 5 hour spin last weekend and made sure we brought lots of coffee, music, and Table Topics for the ride. We left our computers and work at home so we could laugh and talk the whole way. I blared Wilson Phillips and he forced me to like Elvis Costello. I drank too much Red Bull and we both enjoyed hot dogs in Gila Bend. We spent the mornings there on patios drinking coffee and the afternoons by the pool. We thrifted, ate the best Mexican food, watched too many episodes of Chopped and had great hotel sex.

We ditched the guide books, made up our own rules and told stress to go fuck itself. No wonder I wish I was still there.


Salvation Mountain was the whole reason we took the trip in the first place. I've swooned over it so many times on other's Instagram accounts that when I finally took a second to Google it and found out it was only a 4 hour drive away... I planned the trip for a week later. Of course, Slab City is NOT my kind of lodging destination, so Palm Springs was the next closest destination worth visiting.

I always love it when you build up a place in your head... and it turns out more wonderful than expected. Salvation Mountain was just that.

I promised a love letter to this suit the other day, and I will leave it here:

Dear suit,

I love your fucking guts.

Hearts and caticorns,

That's all. It's that simple. 

It's suit time, and all the plus blogs are already sampling the best of the best and I'm a million years behind even though it's already 90 degrees in Tucson... but I'm going to make it up to you with this bangin' red offering. A red halter suit reminiscent of old Hollywood and comfy as fuck. Regarding sizing: I ordered an 18 even though I normally wear a 20/22 and it's tight and perfect. You can order your normal choice or size down one.. either way it's well made and fits big ol' bodies wonderfully. AND YES. THAT'S A POOL DONUT

And it was a bitch to blow up.

Luckily we're smart adults that know how to work hard AND party hard- so we filled some plastic cups with wine, brought our favorite reading materials (Yes Please is ALL KINDS OF HYSTERICAL) and sat out in the shade while we took turns inflating that motherfucker. Worth every breath.

Fuck. Isn't that man gorgeous?

We (at the suggestion of IG follower Sarah) took the 180 degree rotating cable tram all the way up the mountain. Awe inspiring technology. Beautiful surroundings. Lurchy ride. Y'know... all the good stuff. We hiked down the mountain and around the trails (me in my goddamn sandals) smelling the bark that has a vanilla aroma and reading the carvings on giant fallen trunks.

Favorite part of all: meeting Dinny the Dino and Mr. Rex. The Calbazon dinosaurs (seen in Peewee's Big Adventure!) were fucking hilarious, amazing, and worth the drive alone. Frreal.

But then again, I'm addicted to roadside attractions. I even once drove to northern Arizona JUST to see the wigwam motels. Didn't want to stay in them... just see them. And I'd do it again.

My boy is the perfect road trip partner (and perfect partner, lets be real) and so the trip really was idyllic. But fortunately, I didn't get to be sad to be back home for too long. 24 hours later I was on a plane to Missouri and I'm currently typing this while en route to Philadelphia! (P.S. I'm speaking and paneling at Arcadia on Sunday- find out more here)

I wanna know about your favorite road trip! ALSO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN FUTURE SWIMSUIT POSTS. Because eventually I'm gonna catch up with the rest of the world and share more options. Leave your thoughts below, bitches!

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