I forget how much I love fashion until the weather starts to turn.

It cools off, and I find myself in a store suddenly thinking about clothing as a statement and not something I have to try to keep on order to survive the desert heat. Wearing clothes during an Arizona summer is something we do for no other reason than evading public nudity charges. Yes, it gets that unbearable.

BUT NOW IT'S FUCKING FALL! And all I want to do is dream about boots, fishnets, and miniskirts all day long!

But dreaming is only part of the fun. The other half is collecting my favorite plus-size pieces and sharing them with you! I want you to have the option to represent like a BAMF this fall too. I've put together the top 10 things I'm going to be rockin' within the next few months, and spoiler: they're sexy and affordable. Like $.79-$80 affordable. Yes, seventy nine cents. So you're welcome in advance, ladies of the internets.


1 // Hands down my favorite skirt of all time. I thrifted it once upon a time and after it lived it's long life, I found it online through Forever 21. Here's the beautiful part: it's $10. I have three and will reorder more after these die of old age. I wear them daily. Pro tip? Size up. 

2 // Do you know about Kix'ies? They're kind of marvelous: the best thigh-highs for plus legs in the world. Their genius technology ensures that they never slip or roll. I'm serious. These are life changing so check them out. The Lois style is $22... and they last a long ass time.

3 // Cloche hats are a fall treat for me. I prefer the style above all other hats, with the exception of berets. This one can be purchased through e4hats for $39.

4 //These are my fucking FAVORITE BOOTS OMG. ModCloth is sending them my way (which means I'm stalking my postman) so I'm stoked. They're the perfect amount of bad-ass and sexy. Boots, mini skirts and fishnets are daily wear in the fall for me, so these were a no-brainer to complete my look. $80 and they look pretty damn durable. If you missed the wide calf boots post, it's here.

5 // If you're not wearing tights under your fishnets, you're doing it wrong. Target has plus tights in lots of colors for $5. Get up on that.

6 // I rock the liquid cat eyes year round, but for some reason fall brings out the more dramatic wings. I love Elf liquid eyeliner because: it's a dollar. A dollar.

7 // Teggings are a magical creation by Rachel of Re-Dress and they're this fantastic hybrid of... tights and leggings. Duh. Here's why I love them: they're fantastically comfortable (more than leggings AND they fit up to 4x) and warmer than tights. I use them as dance pants as well. Get yrself some stat.

8 // Imma pea coat girl through and through. The left is from Macys and is on "sale" for $80, and I also found you a version that goes up to 4x at Old Navy ($78). Want a less expensive version? Here's a $30 steal.

9 // Rockabilly styled head scarves and I have been having a love affair for a decade. The cooler weather encourages me to adorn my head, and this option is the go-to. The red scarf is an Etsy creation, and you can also find basic black bandannas for 79 cents here. Rock the vintage girl gang look hard this fall. That's my recommendation.

I mentioned earlier that if you're not layering tights underneath your fishnets, you're doing it wrong and I stand by that. While I was in NY last year, it's all I did... and it held up pretty well against November weather. If you want AMAZING fence fishnets (the bigger pattern) you can order from the Hips and Curves website. If you haven't perused their website yet, you can just cancel your plans for the rest of the day right now. If you click this link, you're gonna be busy for a long time. FYI, they sell the sexiest panties I've ever seen.

Those are my choices. Do YOU have fall go-tos? What are they?
We'll all love you a little extra if you leave a link pr picture in the comments.

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