My friend Ondrea emailed me the other day asking where she could find some awesome boots made for bigger calves. Because the thrift gods had blessed me with my last pair years ago, I had no fucking clue where to look. Luckily for me, the internet is a thing, and I was able to quickly pull up a few of my favorites to share with both of you.

I'm definitely a cowboy boot kinda gal. Here, it's common to see vintage dresses and old boots all over our downtown area. But while Arizona has boots aplenty, most are not able to travel this way to find the perfect fit so I've collected my three online favorites (the prickly pear boots below OMG) as well as other bad-ass styles that I would rock as well:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

God I love my shit-kicker boots. BUT, if that just ain't your style, I have more resources for you to check out.

I would highly recommend you head to GarnerStyle and watch her video on how to find the right fit as well as her super solid list of the best boots this season. I would also read Marie's post at The Curvy Fashionista where she lists the 9 best places to find wide calf boots. She mentions JustFab which I love for offering a sweet selection without forcing us to decide if we would rather buy boots or pay rent. WE CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Have you had any great experiences purchasing boots online? Where would you recommend or NOT recommend? And if you had pictures of said boots... well, that would be an awesome bonus for us all.

Share away!

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