People often ask me if by promoting body love, I'm glorifying obesity.

To that I say: If you're really concerned about health, you'll ignore the largely irrelevant factor of weight and focus on more significant issues like: making sure families can afford nutritious food and have access to education that allows them to provide. You'll also focus on providing un-biased healthcare and you'll help de-stigmatize mental illness so people aren't afraid to ask for help and can lead mentally healthy lives which then allows physically healthy lives.

But regardless of health: I believe in glorifying all bodies. All of them. Because every single person in the entire world deserves to feel good about and love themselves. It's that simple. Fat and thin; healthy and unhealthy. Everyone deserves happiness and when people start to embrace themselves just as they are, the world as we know it will transform into a happy, balanced, healthier (physically and mentally), and more beautiful place.

So y'know what I glorify?

I glorify HAPPINESS.

Simply put: glorifying happiness = being invested in the belief that everyone deserves to love their body.

It seems like such a elementary concept, yet somehow it's one of the world's most controversial. So what about you? Do you believe that every person deserves a chance to love their body? Do you believe that every person deserves a chance to be happy no matter their size or shape?


And after we become friends, I'm going to point out that I just tricked you into saying that YOU deserve to love YOUR body no matter what it looks like. ZING. I gotcha. You're part of everyone, my love, and if I deserve to love my body, and she deserves to love her body, and he deserves to love his body and they deserve to love their bodies... then that means that you deserve to love your body too. No matter the shape, size, shade, sex or age, YOU deserve to be glorified. You deserve that happiness too.

So do me a favor: capture your glory with me and these other bad-ass body lovers by joining in on the #GlorifyHappiness campaign...

 The radical Meghan Tonjes and beautiful Jen of Plus Size Mommy Memoirs.
The outrageously fa(t)bulous Virgie Tovar.

Here whatcha do to get in on the fun:

1.) Take a happy, full-body* picture. It could be one you already have or a new one if you're feeling extra sexy today!

*Yes, full-body. Why? Because It doesn't allow us to hide our perceived flaws. Because it's unapologetic. Because it says "Hell yeah I believe in loving this body!" Because for some, it will be the first step towards accepting themselves and for others it will be a visual proclamation of how far they've come.

2.) Post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the awesome hashtag #GlorifyHappiness and one reason why you love your body. 

We've established that every body deserves to be glorified, right? Well, your body is included in that, so GLORIFY IT!!! Tell us why its amazing! Tell us why it makes you happy! It can be ANYTHING. This is not a trick question and there is no wrong answer.

Can't think of anything you love about your body? Then tell us something amazing that your body has done. Something small, something big. I want you to say it out loud because I wanna hear it!

3.) Bonus points: Invite others by also posting "Join in by posting a full-body picture with the hashtag #GlorifyHappiness and one reason you love your body!"

I'm going to be collecting pictures throughout the day and posting some of them on The Militant Baker's Facebook and Instagram, so if you wanna be seen while glorifying that happy body, GET THOSE HASHTAGS GOIN'!

So why do I love MY body?

I love my body because it's both strong and soft. I love my body because it's got a pair of rockin' tits attached to it. I love my body because it's covered in pictures. I love my body because it's the only one I have, and only I have it. I love my body because it stands out in a crowd. I love my body because it gives me multiple (like, multiple, multiple, multiple) orgasms. I love my body because it does phenomenal high kicks in dance class. I love my body because it carries me through this amazing world.

I also love my body because loving it is the best kind of rebellion. I love my body because I have chosen to step OUT of the social construct I was born into; I love my body because our culture's values are not my values. I love my body because it is my love that matters most.  I love my body because I deserve a life filled with success, purpose and passion that is completely void of self-loathing. I love my body because I have decided to. And I love my body because it gives others permission to do the same.

Everyone deserves to love themselves, y'all. 
It's simple and nonnegotiable. 
All bodies. All people.

And THAT is why we glorify happiness.

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