I always get goosebumpy when people talk about how much they love their bodies on a public forum, because that shit just takes guts. This #GlorifyHappiness campaign made me goosebumpy hundreds and hundreds of times. You guys and your bravery. Your eloquence. Your fucking awesome bodies. So glad you're here.

I couldn't collect every single picture that participated, though I gave it an honest shot. I managed to save at least half of what I could find, but if you don't see your gorgeous self above, feel free to leave your image in the comments below. I'd love to see them again.

If you're ever having a bad body day and need a pick me up, I would highly recommend visiting some of these inspirational pictures. You can find a bunch of them on:
(there are a million in this thread and this thread too)

I loved every single reason that you loved your body; from it creating life, to letting you run, to housing your power, to turning your partner on... they were all so excellent.

Thanks for sharing. And lets keep this going, shall we? Every time you're feeling like hot shit (or maybe you're not but you want to feel like hot shit) throw up a picture of that magnificent body of yours and hashtag it #GlorifyHappiness. We'll keep on showing the world that each person deserves self love, acceptance and happiness.

Keep on being kick ass, y'all.
It apparently comes naturally to you.


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