Well it's about time we had a giveaway on The Militant Baker, amiright?

I was inspired to do this giveaway as I was laying in bed, reading SparkleFat.  All I could think between each page turn was "WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T EVERY PERSON KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK?!?" It's a legit question, but instead of posing it on the social medias, I thought I would just gift you the actual book here. Action oriented, y'all. I'm action oriented.

SparkleFat is a beautifully written book of poetry by Melissa May that, as the ever eloquent Rachel Wiley says- "is a firework display of un-shame.
Melissa May’s work celebrates all of the things we have been so long told deserved no streamers. This collection invites every fat body out to the dance and steams up the windows in the backseat of the car afterwards by kissing the spots we thought (or even hoped) no one noticed but are deserving of love just the same as our mouths.”
This book changed me. And if you haven't followed Rachel Wiley (poet behind 10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy) you should. She has a book of poetry coming out soon called Fat Girl Finishing School and it's JUST as incredible.

The other three titles are game changers for me as well. Hot and Heavy is edited and compiled by one of my favorite humans on the entire planet: Virgie Tovar. It's diverse, honest, and liberating. SO liberating. I shove it in every woman's hand when they ask for a recommendation.

Full Frontal Feminism
was also influential. I read it right after Cunt (my all time favorite book!) and it really shifted the way I viewed our culture's acceptance of rape. This was a really hard realization and I had to put the book down for a long while, but it was oh so necessary. Now, I'll be real; this book is written with an extremely authoritative voice which may rub some the wrong way, but the concepts make it an important read.

And finally, Your Pleasure Map written by Shanna Katz. She was a speaker at the last Body Love Conference, and this girl is a kink goddess. This particular book is a gentle entry into the world of the kind of sex you always wanted to but had questions about. This book will answer all the questions AND give you recommended reading if you want more.

These are killer reads, y'all and I really want you to have them.

You don't need to follow anyone, or like anything to enter... I just want you to enter by leaving your email in the Rafflecopter box so I can contact you. That's it. Easy, right?

(If you were one of the 15 that found the un-published link, make sure you enter again!)

If you'd like the books no matter what, you can find them here: 

And if you're wanting to have more of these people in your life, you can follow:
Words Dance Publishing // Lose Hate Not Weight // Jessica Valenti // Shana Katz

If you want my general body positive recommendations, read the old post: Body Positive Book Club for One. They're still solid suggestions. And would you read Cunt if you haven't already? I wrote a review of it on Something Sweet and jesus god it's a must.

I'll email the winner after the giveaway ends.
Good luck!

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