(All photos by Virgie Tovar!)

Thanks for all your comments yesterday! I love being able to talk openly and honestly and then to get feedback from you! The good news is that I was able to have great day at the conference! I decided to stop trying to "get my money's worth" and do whatever the fuck I wanted. Which included going to breakfast, skipping out early for a nap, catching lunch and a few speakers, meeting Khloe Kardashian, meeting kick ass fans, and going swimming with Virgie. It was fucking wonderful. It's amazing what happens when you let go of "shoulds"!

Now, I wanna be clear: I love BlogHer... like the actual internet presence and community. I love that they create a giant platform for women's voices to be heard and celebrated. THIS is totally what I believe in. The conference? Just wasn't my jam.


I got to rock this dress (it will come back!) from eShakti with some bright ass lipstick and had a LOT of fun with it. While the dress is out or stock, I recommend that you try this blue one, this red one and THIS CONFETTI ONE!  If you're unfamiliar with them, they have adorable dresses in 0-36 that you then customize to fit your body and preferences! I didn't need to change the size (I went for an 18) but I did customize the skirt. Above the knee is MY FAVORITE. Uh, also, I just found out their having a 70% off sale... get it!

Here's what else happened today:

Virgie rocked her sexxxy fatkini today. We visited a booth with a "Magic Mirror" where you look into it, and someone one the other side talks to you. They give you genuine compliments and empowering messages as you look at your reflection. SO powerful. Khloe and I fitting together like puzzle pieces. Meeting readers and signing boobs! Kerry Washington was even more adorable in real life. And Virgie nabbed us some "fried dough" ice cream. It was delicious.

And now tonight, I'm eating a burger in bed and watching The Muppet Movie: Most Wanted. Which is exactly what I want to be doing. Tomorrow is San Francisco and I'm SO EXCITED.

How are you?

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