Guys, I think I might be doing the BlogHer Conference thing wrong.

So, this is my first year ever, and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but what I did conjure up... was nothing like this. I went to breakfast with an open heart and mind and left in the afternoon while throwing a temper tantrum. Where did it all go wrong? Well, there are a few problematic areas:

1.) I came for high caliber education. Like, the shit you can't find all over the internet. I'm going to be expanding my work soon (YAY!) and I thought that this would be the perfect way to gather some information that isn't readily available on the web. I was especially excited for the two classes today which were about monetizing your blog in extra special ways and then also a class about crowd funding. I may be exaggerating slightly, but essentially, today I learned "Video is important!" and "Crowd funding exists!" Two things I was already well aware of. There was no "outside the box" monetizing tip and no "3 Things Every Successful Kickstarter Has," and that would have been really nice to hear.

2.) I'm an awkward middle child. I'm not just starting a blog, but I'm also not the almighty Bloggess... yet. It seems like if I were the first I would be learning everything, and if I were the latter I would be teaching everything. So where exactly are the middle children supposed to go, again? I have a lot to learn about blogging, and I'd like to learn it at a blogging conference goddamnit.

3.) I'm not actually here to "network" in the way that others are. So, I tried this social experiment the other day where I only offered information about myself when I was asked. Guys, I barely said a word. The ladies here are out to share their name and blog and story and I totally understand/get that, but I'm just not invested in this area. You've probably heard of me or seen my images at some point, and if you haven't that's okay. Now where are those high caliber classes again?!?!?!

4.) I came alone. While this isn't actually a bad thing, and I've been fortunate to meet up with some awesome friends while here, it's a little tricky navigating groups of girls who know each other really well. I actually love doing things solo (traveling, brunch, movies, etc) but being on my own at this particular conference leaves me feeling less inclined to join in on things that already take guts or energy. My point: if I was to come again, bringing a friend wouldn't be a terrible idea.

I've also found myself waffling about joining in on the nighttime festivities. "No" because I'm not terribly interested but also "Yes" because I'm worried that I'll miss THE ONE AWESOME THING that happened.

Don't misunderstand: I'm definitely not being that person that's all "Everything everyone else does is wrong!" but I'm also not going to say that it's life changing... if it's not. Y'all know me better than that. C'mon.

BUT WAIT. ALL IS NOT LOST.  Here is what I AM  doing right:

First and foremost, I rocked my tiger t-shirt dress real hard today. That was all of the right. (P.S. I found this in a vintage shop in Brooklyn, so I don't know where to get another... BUT I found this cute one that goes up to 2x if that helps...)

Then I listened to The Bloggess speak which, to put it simply... was wonderful. I adore honesty and candor more than you know. Maybe the keynotes are where its at? In the afternoon I went to a bakery with the fucking incredible Virgie and Chrystal and talked about body love type events. I also had a chance to hang with the GORGEOUS CeCe of Plus Size Princess and Chastity of Garner Style. And THEN I made weird faces in the tiny pool. It was exactly what I needed. Not pictured: I drank lots of delicious coffee and made mental notes on what to do/not to do for the Body Love Conference.

Ladies and gents, I bring my BlogHer conundrum to you with trust and respect.
I'm honestly wondering: what am I doing wrong?

Have you been to a BlogHer conference? Did you have a similar experience, or something different? What am I missing? What should I be looking for? Where do I go? Who do I see? What did you do to make it a worthwhile experience? I have another day left and I'd love to hear your advice. Shout it at me babes!

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