I'm smirking because I'm wearing red shorts and I'm really pleased with myself.
I'm also smirking because I can.


And I'm pretty thrilled about it! I'm here for the 2014 BlogHer Conference which should be a really great way for me to learn all the tips and tricks I need to build an EVIL MILITANT  BAKER EMPIRE MWAHAHAHAH. 
Shit guys, I'm tired and saying weird things.

I spent the day in downtown San Jose and it was simply wonderful. Breezy, and lined with bakeries, cathedrals, and art museums. Just the way I like my downtowns!
Of course, I thought very carefully about what I wanted to wear the first day here (big life decisions, people) and I went for broke with my favorite outfit in my suitcase. Which, strangely enough, wasn't a dress but rather a SHORTS ensemble.

I think the people in my life can count on one hand how many times they've seen me in shorts... I just love dresses and skirts! BUT, these are special shorts. Special because they're JEGGINGS.

I'm a tardy newcomer to the Jegging church, but now I'm one of the strongest believers they've got! Marcy from SWAK sent me these red Jeggings (ps, they have them in up to 5x) and I headed straight to the tailor and said "make me sexy shorts please." Best choice I've made in a LONG time. They feel like... well, heaven. Soft. Stretchy. Sexy.  They don't cut in or constrict. They fit my belly and don't ride up... I totally believe in Jegging shorts (Jorts, maybe?) And while I'm totally aware that Jegging actually does sells shorts, they don't have red and the length I love... I'd totally recommend giving a tailor $10 to make something fit you perfectly.
And, girls, that shirt was also on purpose. It's something I fell in love with off of ModCloth's site and then promptly fell in love with again when I put it on because it's smoooooooooooth. Soft. Stretchy. Sexy. You catching a theme here? I was killin' it in comfort today, babes. And I looked good. Like, really good. So good that I felt like yelling "Hey everyone! Come see how good I look!" and then pretending that I made up that quote.Inside the San Jose Art Museum there was a David Levinthal show that I adored. He photographed toys in incredible ways and caused a lot of controversy and conversation. In the corner of the exhibit was a table with colored pencils and pieces of paper with a note that encouraged you to draw YOUR favorite childhood toy. I got such a kick out of looking at other's drawings! I really wanted to participate, so I racked my brain for a toy that stood out in my memories.
Do you remember Cupcake Dolls?!?!? 

It was a toy that when folded, it looked like a cupcake, but when you "peeled" down the wrapper, it magically turned into a doll with a fabulous hat. I remember mine smelling like grape; a scent that still makes me so happy I get giddy.

These shoes are fucking Jeffrey Campbells and I love them. That's all I gotta say about that. Magic on my feet.

And I can't forget to tell you: last night something magical happened! I had a chance to speak at Curvy Girl, which is the only plus size lingerie around and has really created an amazing community of body lovin' ladies. The women there were SUCH a joy to meet and chat with, and I was especially happy to see two of my favorite fatvocates there: Marilyn Wann and Virgie Tovar. Both of which have written books that have changed the way I view the world. If you haven't read them, you should. Fat?So! and Hot and Heavy, respectively.

So honored to be able to speak about what I love most. So happy to be away from the Arizona heat. And so fucking tickled by my awesome red shorts.

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

P.S. Have you tried Jeggings? How behind the times am I?
P.P.S. Whats YOUR favorite childhood toy?!?!?

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