The Caltrain delivered me to San Francisco and now I'm never leaving. The weather is glorious. The buildings are beautiful. The streets are terrifying. And the people are as diverse as they come.

I don't have any energy left to give you a detailed description of what I did today, but it definitely included shrimp alfredo, wharves, shiny silver people, lemonade, jellyfish, boats, seaweed, and cable cars.

I have toenail polish that says "I had all the fun swimming this weekend." (P.S. That dress can be found here and I wear it at least once a week.)

So museums are one of my mostest favorite things in the whole world; natural history museums are near the top of the list, but any building filled with fascinating things will do. I ALSO love jellyfish. Hard. Luckily I got to do and see both today... I was basically skipping with joy.

I also love Madame Tussaud's... as in, I've been to 4 out of the 6 in the USA several times.The San Francisco location? Just as great as the others. Actually maybe better, since it had Adele.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to share exactly how I felt about Facebook's bullying policies with Mark Zuckerberg, but he never responded. Just smiled and smiled. Ignored my logical and well expressed complaints like I never said them. Typical.

^ This is also true. Sorry babe.

So happy to slip off into dream land and then wake up for brunch with the stunning Denise Jolly, explore more of the city and THEN have a dinner with YOU GUYS! If you're in the San Francisco area and want to join in on the fun and get a hug, RSVP here.

What the fuck did YOU do today? Tell me all about it. I'm serious.

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